What is Quantum Biology? Quantum Biology Explained in 4 Minutes

humans can grow plants and animals at scales at this age we can make synthetic hormones modify an organism's dna transplant organs and treat the early stage of some types of cancer but there are mysteries despite the advancement of biotechnology we still don't know how plants can benefit light so efficiently to produce their food how non-human animals such as birds and sea turtles find ways to navigate although they don't have maps or compass how do we stop and overcome cell mutation causing cancer we still depend on organ donor when a person's organ no longer functioning properly we still didn't know what makes growth including growth spurt and regeneration we still don't know what's consciousness and life science branches used to explain these phenomena start from biology biomedical chemistry and many more however there is an overlooked field of science that maybe could explain this universe phenomenon if it studied and researched deeper the field is quantum biology quantum biology is a field of science which is an intersection between biology and quantum mechanics first we need to understand what quantum mechanics is quantum mechanics is a physics branch that learns how nature works on likes and sub-atomic scales every material is built by atoms chair air water soil stone and even living creatures are built by atoms atoms consist of three subatomic particles protons neutrons and electrons there are subatomic particles beside them such as photons that make light how those things interact and build the universe is learned in quantum mechanics we are going to explain three quantum biology phenomenons quantum tunneling quantum superposition and quantum entanglement quantum tunneling is a strange phenomenon of quantum mechanics where subatomic particle passes through a potential barrier that is impossible under the classical mechanic principle it allows a particle to move into another place where it shouldn't be able to get because of the lack of energy quantum tunneling is involved in many biochemical processes from enzyme reaction photosynthesis cellular respiration gnar repair etc but it is also involved in dna mutation that causes cancer quantum superposition this principle states that a particle can occupy numerous places simultaneously quantum superposition has massive involvement in the succession of photosynthesis in plants algae and cyanobacteria in a photosystem the electron gets excited by the photon hunched electrons travel among all possible paths it always gets to the reaction center every time through the shortest path that way electrons will be used so effectively for the following process of photosynthesis quantum entanglement the ability of two electrons from the same energy level to keep opposite spins although they have already gone far away leaving the energy field quantum entanglement possibly help birth sense earth's magnetic field and navigate migrations quantum entanglement also contributes to increasing the rate of the cell regeneration this is an introduction to quantum biology for more visualized information about cutting-edge life science including quantum biology subscribe to biosociety and turn on the full notification you'll be remembered to stay updated on our news video these can be so busy we might forget to browse directly to our webinar channel so don't forget to turn on the full notification you will be remembered for our news video thank you and see you later

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