Synthetic Biology Solutions

There's plenty of talk about the future
of biology but what about the validated targets you
needed to deliver yesterday? What if it doesn't matter to you whether
it's called bioengineering or synthetic biology? You just need heaps of protein with the right properties for your project. Are you here to toil through the grunt work? Or, are you doing research to make a breakthrough? Research can be lonely, there are so many elements to a
successful project, and it often feels like it's all resting on your shoulders.

Maybe you are developing a therapeutic
antibody, struggling with low expression yield. Or, you're engineering an industrial
enzyme, but your library has not produced a sufficiently improved variant after even a year of screening. Perhaps you should let an expert focus on cloning and vector design, while you spend your valuable time on research, making discoveries. Why not find a partner who understand your challenges? DNA2.0 is built by scientists for scientists. It's much more than just a place for synthetic genes. We're in the lab developing innovative
tools and solutions for your research problems. Combining machine learning and gene synthesis, our patented GPS platform delivers a proven and efficient method for optimized protein expression and engineered proteins tailored to your desired function.

GPS technology can be successfully
applied to genes, proteins, pathways, and genome engineering. Located in sunny California, DNA 2.0 produces optimized synthetic genes already cloned in the best expression
vector, fully sequenced verified and rush delivery to your lab. Concerned about licensing requirements or reach-through? IP-free research tools and services
puts you in control. Need molecular biology guidance?
PhD level support scientists are always available to assist.
Let us be the extension of your lab, so you can deliver breakthrough results
on time and under budget. Your research problem plus our expertise equals next level research results. One plus one equals 2.0 DNA2.0.

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