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Sexual maturity in humans The mode of reproduction in humans is sexual. In this way male cells combine with female cells but when does the production of reproductive cells start in humans? Before knowing this please subscribe our channel and press the bell icon to get latest updates When puberty starts in children then production of reproductive cells bhi starts At what age do boys and girls enter puberty? There is no specific age for this, but they enter Puberty in Adolescence. The stage between childhood and adulthood is called adolesence. How do we know that puberty has started in any one of the boys and girls? By having some significant changes in the body of boys and girls , we can know the onset of puberty.

Some changes both boys and girls. I am common! As thick hair grows in new parts of the body such as the armpits and genital area, which also becomes darker in colour, thin hair grows on the legs and arms. The skin often becomes oily and pimples may begin to develop. Some changes only happen in boys! As the hair on the face begins to develop cracks in the voice, sometimes the penis gets bigger and becomes erect. The changes observed in girls are as follows: Breast size begins to increase, the skin on the nipples turns black. Menstruation begins. All these changes occur over a long period of time. They do not all occur at the same age. It depends on the hormone level and genetics of the individuals. People differ in their general body characteristics like height, weight, skin color etc. Similarly people will have difference in secondary sexual characteristics like body hair growth, Beard and mustache, penis size, breast size etc. These are the signs, which show the sexual maturity of the person.

How are these changes related to the process of reproduction? This change in puberty also helps in the process of reproduction and child birth. For example: 1. Body and facial hair are signs of sexual maturity 2. Formation of penis helps in deposition of germ cells in female reproductive system. 3. Menstruation is a sign of ovulation. 4. Breast extension is meant for breast-feeding of a newborn. In this video we have learned about sexual maturity in humans In the next video we will see the structures and functions of the human reproductive system . thanks for watching. If you like the video then give us a like and share this video to your friends.

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