Scienteens Lab – Discover the biology workshops

[Music] the students get very close to the current research that's performed here at the university and so they get a very intense first insight into the life of a researcher we had a lot of smiley faces here today some of them were so happy to be here i really do think it gives them an idea whether they want to work in science some of them might also think oh this is absolutely not for me and this is good that they figured this out we welcome the students in the morning here at the campus belleville they put on their lab coats their safety goggles and their gloves and then they spend the rest of the day in the lab doing hands-on experiments extracting and purifying the protein into different tests to learn more about the functioning of the protein i already had in mind pursuing biomedical sciences after getting to know how they work and how the environment feels like it really pursued me to keep going we really try to go from hypothesis to data acquisition to analysis to give them an overview of what's like to be a researcher i think it's really important to bring students to workshops like this it also allows them to learn things in a different context that isn't just sitting down we got to experience new fields that we haven't covered yet in school and that was truly fascinating [Music] you

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