Molecular Biology: DNA Replication and Repair | MITx on edX | Course About Video

[CLOCK TICKING] Do you feel like
studying biology is just memorizing hundreds of
protein names and functions? Wake up, and take a
different approach with MIT Biology's 7.28x. You'll experience an
approach to learning infused in experimental
research with animations that make complex
details come to life. Hi. I'm Steve Bell. And together with
Tania Baker, we've been guiding students through
the events of DNA replication and repair for
more than 15 years. We want our students
to understand the steps of these processes
as well as the experiments that were used to determine
these mechanisms. In the first part of 7.28x, we
will delve into the events that control genome maintenance,
chromosome duplication, repair, and recombination.

First, we will introduce you to
the concepts and steps involved in each one of these processes
starting with DNA replication. Through this journey,
we will explore what we know about the molecular
mechanisms of DNA replication and repair and how we
know this information from classic and
modern experiments. Instead of simply
memorizing facts or models, you will learn how
scientists obtain the scientific information
presented in textbooks. You will interpret data
inspired by research and improve your ability
to design experiments and decipher the results
of scientific papers. There is so much
left to discover about how we function
at a molecular level. Our hope is that you will
gain an understanding of what we know and what we
don't know about how these cellular processes work. Whatever your background,
you'll come away with not only answers related
to the mechanisms of DNA replication and repair,
but you will also realize how many
questions still remain for someone like you to solve. Do you want to explore
how researchers deduce the details of molecular events? If you're up to the
challenge, join us in 7.28x– DNA Replication and Repair.


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