the rainbow god promised he would not 
make the world flood again   he would not kill all the people on earth 
again every time it rained a lot again   god put a rainbow in the sky then 
everybody remembered god's promise   god blesses noah noah and his family lived 
for a long time after the flood noah died   he was very old noah's sons had lots of 
children they went to live in lots of places   they were all very happy abram and his 
family move house noah and all his sons died   a long time after they died there were 
too many people to live in one country   god sent people to live in lots of other countries 
a man called torah lived in a place called you are   turah had three sons their 
names were nahur haran and abram   abram was married his wife's name was sarah 
abram and sarah did not have any children   sarah could not have children torah and 
his family and abram and sarah moved from   you are they were going to live in a country 
called canaan before they got to canaan they   stopped in a place called heron they liked 
the place they stayed there they built a house   they all lived there tyra died in haran 
abram obeys god one day god said to abram   i want you to leave this country leave 
your home and your friends here in heron   i want you to go to live in another country 
i will show you the way i will bless you   you will be very happy you will have 
lots of children you will be a great man   abram obeyed god he left heron sarah went with him 
abram had a nephew called lot lot and his family   went with abram and sarah they took everything 
they owned they went to canaan abram thanked god   god was pleased with abram he blessed him abram 
and his family went to lots of places in canaan   abram thanked god at every place god blessed abram 
abram goes to egypt there was a bad time in canaan   there was no food there was no water abram and 
sarah went to a country called egypt abram told   the people in egypt that sarah was his sister 
he lied to them he was afraid to tell them   that sarah was his wife she was very 
pretty he thought they would like sarah   and kill him the egyptian people liked 
sarah they thought she was pretty   the king of egypt liked sarah very 
much he took her to his big house   he married sarah abram lived in the king's 
house the king gave him lots of sheep and cows   gave him lots of other presents abram 
was rich but god was angry with abram   he had told a lie one day the king of egypt 
was ill god told the king what abram had done   the king asked to see abram he was 
very angry abram had lied to him   he said to abram why did you let me marry 
sarah she is your wife she is not your sister   the king told abram to go away from 
egypt he told him to take sarah with him   abram goes back to canaan abram and sarah 
went to live in a place called negev   lot and his family went with them abram became 
very rich they all moved to a place called bethel   bethel was where abram lived before he went 
to egypt abram had thanked god at bethel   god had blessed abram there abram 
called to god again at bethel   he thanked him again abram was very rich he had 
lots of sheep and cows lot was very rich too   he had lots of sheep and cows there was not 
enough room for them all abram said to lot   this land is too small for you and 
me we cannot live together anymore   choose where you will go to life i will 
go the other way we will still be friends you

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