Holloway Bio Science Facility Mystery Elite Dangerous

the holloway bioscience research 
facility was this year as in october 21   spooky occurrence in game for elite 
dangerous this was revealed during a   gal net article in late october just before 
halloween with the relevant section stating during the creation of the colonia bridge which 
sees a load of fleet carriers put between here   and colonia the crew aboard the stationary mega 
ship memories of or sarati in the snake sector od   s b4-2 system reported an unusual incident a 
distorted transmission that could have been an   sos was detected on long-range sensors although 
they were unable to triangulate its source the   signal strength suggested a point of origin within 
the range of around 50 light years this led to a   search people going out there scanning bases and 
people like cannon found it within about an hour   and like a pack of hungry animals   we all rushed out to go and take a look at it 
it's the snake sector gw wc1-1 on planet ab5b   now you scan the planet with a detailed surface 
scanner once you've done that it'll reveal the   location of holloway bioscience research facility 
quite simple really um but you have to get in   there do a bit of scanning as well now there are 
four uplinks that reveal the story of the bass   and again karen did a really good job of voice 
acting this as there's no voice acting in game   now the destination system the snake 
sector gw dash wc1-1 and that planet   ab5b is about 30 light years away from where 
the colonia bridge mega ship was actually moored   so it's not too far of a jump to get yourself 
over there and start looking through this mystery   i've included some of the logs all of 
the logs as well and how to find them   in this video so it is a case of spoiler 
alert spoiler alert spoiler alert i'm going   to be going through them showing you 
where to get them and reading them out when i visited the base it was in the light side 
of the planet now which is great because you   probably won't have the same sort of effect if 
this was all dark standard base affair you know   there was no additional things there that 
showed a sign of a fight or any disruption   standard plant and drop base having a good 
look around there's also materials to pick up   and you know there's also a beacon to scan as well 
from additional information now there are four   count them four up links that you can scan 
to reveal the story plus some other items as   well that when you scan the upload the upload 
will reveal a few other items but nothing too   drastic this story i thought was quite a good 
story i found it channeled aliens quite a bit   you know aliens too there was definitely 
a bit of channeling of that going on   and if you're in the mood for a bit of exploration 
there's a couple of items around the site as well   but you can hop around in your out in the 
suit should you have odyssey so let's get   on with not only finding where these logs are 
but also a little bit of narration so here we go   log one captain sarah sterling 1800 hours this 
is definitely one for the excalibur troop hall   of fame if we had one the holloway bioscience 
institute said they'd lost contact with one of   their labs they hired us to investigate and 
evacuate the staff if necessary well there's   no doubt the staff are dead but we have no idea 
what happened we found some empty clothing and   suits stained with frozen blood the base has been 
without power for weeks but there are no bodies   no signs that they left the settlement either 
it's possible and then she's interrupted by   corporal samuel thalani not just two minutes later 
captain this is tholani thought you'd like to   know the power cores is online coolant systems 
must have been faulty because the base techs   rigged some geothermal conduits to pump the 
waste heat underground but i've got everything   reactivated so all systems are back online captain 
sarah sterling replies great work corporal keep me   informed sterling out okay that's some good news 
i've got most of the team searching for clues   and lieutenant mckellar is downloading their 
data files so hopefully well soon wait i hear   gunfire sergeant gerard come in gerard report and 
gerard does respond captain stand by i'm entering   the engineering block now roth buckley cease 
firing what are you oh my god and then private   julianne roth one of the team says they're coming 
out of the floor what the hell are they buckley   get back berkeley says get them off me get them 
off me and then that particular first log ends mission log 2 about an hour later captain sarah 
sterling says we're in trouble serious trouble   these things have come out of nowhere and are 
swarming through the base tennyson buckley webster   are dead patel and cook too i think they 
came crawling up through the floor great   in the engineering block hundreds of them all at 
once i've never seen anything like them before   similar to spiders but with too 
many legs completely white in color   each one's about the size of a fist with a round 
mouth like a lamprey and then they move like   lightning i ordered my people to wipe them out but 
there's just too many of them so now we're and it   breaks off thomas girard comes in then captain 
we've sealed the bulkheads in section three but   they've got past them they're spilling out of 
the air vents and they're on top of us sterling   replies sergeant pull back to the control center 
now do you read me there's a transcription error   garbled message someone shouts versa they say it's 
too late he's covered in him he's finished move   move move so much does this track aliens too and 
the first encounter with you know the xenomorphs   then they say gerard's down dead how can gerard 
be dead he was my first recruit when i needed   to get us out of here this is captain sterling to 
the excalibur come in emergency code amiga bring   the ship down immediately for full extraction 
excalibur respond and then a corporal responds   there's one on my leg i can't see it and then 
julianne roth says i got it it's gone it's on me   sam i've got you let's go and then sterling still 
trying to contact the ship replies excalibur this   is code omega come in i don't understand comms are 
open why aren't they responding transponder signal   is no signal the ship's not there what's 
happened to them what the hell's going on and then you've got log three sterling again this 
is it nine minutes past midnight we've gathered in   the control center those who are left half of my 
team is gone the whole base is in darkness apart   from our suit lights and the power center has 
been shut down that's what caused those things to   appear in the first place mckellar downloaded the 
research team's final report made after the first   attack their zomologists believe the creatures 
come from an enclosed subterranean ecosystem   over a kilometer below the moon surface it's 
likely they see infrared like thermal imaging   when they hunt on heat like heat producing animals 
so the waste heat being pumped underground was a   massive attraction to them melting the subsurface 
ice and allowing them to crawl up the pipes   then corporal samuel thalani says captain 
i'm at the maintenance hatch four we've   finished blocking the vents but jules hasn't 
returned i'm going back out to find her   sterling responds hold your position if that 
last story isn't sealed they'll be able to get in   she calls up for roth roth doesn't respond sterling orders everything to be sealed 
then they say there's nothing they can   do but wait without the power centers heat 
we're hoping that the things will retreat   back underground and leave us alone i can 
hear them out there in the dark scuttling   along the floors and walls trying to find some 
crack to crawl through and get to us if they do   well i've still got a fully charged cell 
on my carbine that should be enough for   everyone who's left i want them let them 
i won't let them go out like the others   then the final log is then half past four in 
the morning so it's gone on about 10 hours   it worked it took a couple of hours but the 
creatures are gone mckellar confirmed that   the geothermal pipes have re-frozen which should 
stop them climbing back up again on my orders he   blasted the power center's controls so they're 
stuck underground forever now all we have to do   is worry about asphyxiation with no juice for 
environmental systems the air won't last long   our suits will give us a few more hours but since 
our ship has vanished and where has that ship gone   we're trapped down here i've sent a message 
on the emergency beacon but we're hundreds of   light years away from any and then someone 
interrupts her again and says sir corporal   fulani definitely isn't within the perimeter he 
must have sealed the hatch from the other side   i think he must have been looking for jewels 
beaming private roth they were kind of close   slipping the sausage no doubt captain sarah 
sterling then says acknowledged add his name   to the list of the dead please stirring 
out i didn't know about fellaini and roth   what sort of commander is she should i have 
known suppose doesn't matter now and then   they state that there's a ship above us in low 
orbit a mega ship sterling says thank god it   must have picked up our beacon can you identify 
it it's then identified as and they say scanning   now it's a strange one looks like it might be 
a dredger clan there are tribal markings all   over it i can just about make out the name on its 
hell the fagos i think it says a couple of landing   crafter headed down and sterling says well let's 
have a welcome party ready lieutenant sterling out   so now they said it's lieutenant sterling 
i thought it was captain sterling bit of a mistake here you see captain sterling or 
lieutenant sterling well some good luck at least   i'm sure these scavengers will want payment 
for rescuing us but be worth every credit   and it's better than being eaten alive 
now the phallus clan has been mentioned on   elite dangerous and on gal net as well so 
the dredger can seem to be a rising force and there's all this stuff that says a few 
have eaten darker reputations of being told   nightmare stories where they say the fagos will 
take you away in your sleep and eat you up so   what happened to that team what happened to 
the ship why are we only finding this out now   so it does prove to say that the treasure clans 
are going to be a force to be reckoned with within   the elite dangerous universe hope you enjoyed the 
video thanks very much for watching see you soon you

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