Ev Cult’s Implications for Ev Phil

Greetings, from Off – World – ! …Some people
might like to wear: Fractal HOLON/parton glasses… And, we'll get to that shortly — but now
– let me put on my nerd-glasses, for I am a Scientist-! And after all, "It is the Theory
that decides what we can observe"… I forget who said that? Could have been Einstein – or
maybe David Sloan Wilson? (I always get those two mixed up…) Anyway – this talk – thank
you for coming, by the way – is about: `Ev Cult's Implications for Ev Phil'… What
happens, when we combine Evolutionary Culturology – with Evolutionary Philosophy…

What do
we get? And by the way, this talk is by me – Velikovsky of Newcastle, apparently – and
that little symbol up there the funny-looking Question Mark, combined with the Exclamation
Mark – that is an interrobang! "Combine two old things – to get a new thing – and it works!"
– The Universal Algorithm for Creativity – anyway, ask Uncle Google: `interrobang' – and all
will be revealed! …Next..? So – an Outline of this Powerpoint talk: I'm
going to talk about three things… First of all `What is the new meta-Science of Evolutionary
Culturology ?' …Secondly, `What is Evolutionary Philosophy ?' …And thirdly, `What are the
Implications of Ev Cult for Ev Phil?' So Evolutionary Culturology is a new meta-meta
science – not just one but two Levels above the normal (individual) sciences – it is a
scientific ALL-Disciplinary matrix – it applies to ALL Domains of knowledge – and it provides
humanity with: a single, standard, universal, one-size-fits-all, set of scientific: units,
levels, evolutionary algorithms (also known as evolutionary mechanisms) and Three Laws
of all Biology and Culture…

So; that's what THAT is..! And, using the new META-meta-science of Evolutionary
Culturology – we are now able to build an EthiSizer – an AI supercomputer, that monitors
the Ethics of every fractal HOLON/parton on Earth – but we'll get to that, later… There's
a link down the bottom on the Ev Cult blog about: `A Proposal for Ensuring a Whole Earth
Ethic' (The EthiSizer)… …very influenced by the great work of David
Sloan Wilson as it happens… Moving right along – oh yeah – so the point is: Now that we have
Evolutionary Culturology, with its units, levels, mechanisms, and Three Laws – we are
now able to create The EthiSizer – and that has Implications for Philosophy – including
the `Is-Ought Divide'…

Anyway, we'll get to that. So what is `Evolutionary Philosophy',
in a nutshell? Well some examples are – the great book Evolutionary Philosophy by the
great Ed Gibney (2012) – and Ed's weblog `Evolutionary Philosophy' (EvPhil.com)… Another great
book by the great Dan Dennett is `Darwin's Dangerous Idea' from 1995 – that's a perfect
example of Evolutionary Philosophy as well – and the `universal acid, of evolution' – as
Dan calls it – and so `Ev Phil is a domain of Philosophy informed by Evolutionary Science',
if you want a 1 word (or even: 1 sentence) definition…

And some other examples include,
scholars and philosophers and scientists such as: Ed Wilson, David Sloan Wilson, Nathalie
Gontier, Mike Brady, Michael Ruse, and many many more – see a blog-post I wrote on: `Towards
a Wikipedia page on Evolutionary Philosophy'… just a few suggestions! We (or: Ev Philosophers)
really should have a Wikipedia page, for their `Evolutionary Philosophy' – I know, it would
have really helped me, when i did my PhD in 2016 – to be able to quickly see `An outline
of that Field' and then, go ahead and read all those great books… Anyway moving right
along – some Philosophical Questions, in the new light of: The new META-meta-Science of
Evolutionary Culturology! It sheds light on: The Mystery of Consciousness'
– see: fractal HOLON/partons – which we'll get to soon…

On `The Question of Atomism'
: Is the universe made of singular particles? Are cells – and organisms – and superorganisms
– and the biosphere – and atoms – and molecules – and other things – all made in the same
way? …Do they all share the same: Structure, and, Three Laws? …I think so-! Anyway we'll
get to that… So `atomism' isn't quite the right word – it's more a case of: "There is
nothing but Fractal HOLON/partons, and the void" – as opposed to Democritus's suggestion
"There is nothing but atoms and the void." …Anyway – other Questions raised by Ev Cult:
`The Question of Universals' – again, see Fractal HOLON/partons, and the Three Laws
– which we're about to get to, soon. Another great Question: `Is The EthiSizer, Roko's
Basilisk..?' (…scary!) …Ask Uncle Google about Roko's Basilisk – it's a thought experiment…
which are always good in philosophy! And the question is: `How do we create the EthiSizer
WITHOUT it being Roko's Basilisk?' …Or – should it maybe BE, Roko's Basilisk? …a good Philosophical
Question, for endless debate…

Well hopefully a debate that would end, eventually. …Next…?
So see also though. the `List of Unsolved Problems in Philosophy' on Wikipedia – there's
a web page on that, there''ll probably be a link in the description of this YouTube
video below… (my microphone is still `on' – that's good) …and, Examine each of those
Problems in the new Scientific light, of the new META-meta-Science of Ev Cult. …Next…?
Oh yeah – and there's a link to a web page for more information: `Implications of Ev
Cult on Ev Phil'. …Next…? Some Philosophical Questions that are solved by The EthiSizer
– which as i mentioned, is enabled by the new META-meta-Science of Ev Cult – here they
are – `The Problem of Suffering' – well The EthiSizer is designed to End All Suffering,
so this is a kind of `reverse utilitarianism' – where, not "the greatest good for the greatest
number" – what we're trying to do is: "The least suffering, for the greatest number"…
So it's coming at it from `the bottom' rather than `the top'…

Yeah – so `The Problem of
Suffering' is always a good one! And of course, Buddhism has a few answers to that – it's
an interesting Philosophy – rather than a Religion – anyway… …Next..? `The Problem
of Evil' – again, The EthiSizer is designed to end all evil, worldwide. Yeah; let's not get `caught up in this' now
– let's just have a `quick skim' – as an Outline… `The Ideal State' – going back to Plato's
`Republic' etc – and Thomas More's `Utopia', and H. G. Wells's `A Modern Utopia', et cetera,
et cetera… Well – The EthiSizer is designed to run `the ideal state' – namely, a Global
Utopia on Earth… …Next…? `The Question of Utopia' …Is it possible to have one?
…Well again, The EthiSizer is designed to bring about Utopia on Earth… `The Question
of Directed Bio-Cultural Evolution' as the great Ed Wilson used to talk about, before
he sadly passed… The EthiSizer is also designed to handle this: Directed Bio-Cultural Evolution…
So, rather than leave it to Natural Selection – should we do Artificial (or Intentional
or Methodical) Selection, and decide, Which way we want the future to go, for Biology,
Culture, et cetera…

The EthiSizer is designed to handle that one – show us- It'll show us.
the best way to go, because it shows all – it simulates, all possibilities – all Possible
Futures of Earth, and its inhabitants – and then, it can guide us there – or take us there
– rather like a GPS route-planner on a self-driving bus — or an autopilot that lands a plane…
I mean would you really trust a pilot, who might be drunk – or tired – or going through
a divorce – to land the plane, when a computer could do it so much better, and, more safely?
…And yes, every now and then, they do go a bit wrong – but when compared to us `error-prone
cybernetic organisms', namely `humans' or `human-animals' as I like to call us – it
still has a better record! It's just: computers can be more accurate at certain things than
humans (currently) can.

Anyway, Directed Bio- Cultural Evolution – that's another Big Philosophical
Question: How should we shape biology – and how should we shape culture – and, bio-culture? `The Simulation Argument' by the great Nick
Bostrom… The EthiSizer actually answers this Question when you build it! It turns
it into an Empirical Scientific Question because: If The EthiSizer can simulate THIS Earth – and
this Universe, and possibly other Universes – namely billions of them, using a Quantum
Computer, say – then we're – probably – in one… And I do emphasize: `probably'. Anyway
that answers `The Sim Argument'… If you build an EthiSizer – if you run it backwards,
it's an Ancestor Simulator… Anyway – be all that as it may – let's not get too deep
into the details – and, one more: `The Many Worlds Theory' of the great Hugh Everett III
from the 1950s – great PhD, if you ever have a chance to read it – The EthiSizer will show
– empirically – if this is true, because: it's actually the best way to design The EthiSizer…
What you want, is that every quantum `tick' – every small interval of (Planck) Time – to
split every possible decision into a `yes' or a `no' – a `do' or a `don't'…

So when
somebody's deciding: "Should I go to the gym?" – Let's simulate a world where they do go
to the gym and do a workout – good for them – and sorry and, also the world where: they
didn't go to the gym, that day… Now maybe they went to the gym – but got run over on
the way back – or fell off their bike, because their arms were tired from a workout like
Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was 18… who knows? Anyway what you need to do is simulate
all these `branching, forking paths' as Borges might say – and show, `splitting off' – like
evolution kind of does… like a (phylogenetic) `tree' – what happens if we do THIS decision;
and, what happens if we DON'T do that choice that way…? And – that way – we can then
compare the simulations…

Anyway, the point being: When it comes to designing The EthiSizer,
you basically need to design it like, using like Many Worlds Theory, using the principles
that Hugh Everett the Third came up with – which unfortunately The Copenhagen Interpretation
ignored… That may have been `political' – but I am of the opinion that Hugh was probably
right – this particular universe probably works that way, the `Many Worlds Theory' way
– where you have copies, branching off at all possible times – and the people in those
different universes don't notice the branching – they just think they're in one universe,
they don't see the other copies being made by the system… Sort of: `Pay no attention
to the man behind the curtain' kind of thing, like in The Wizard of Oz… Anyway – these
are some Philosophical Questions that make me scratch my head… and maybe you too? So,
have at it…

Enjoy..! …Next..? Ah, this is interesting! (Well; I think so?)
…That `Introduction' or `Summary' was a fractal HOLON/parton – because this talk goes
on for quite a bit longer – but, if you wanted – you could `cut out, now' – and you'll `get
the gist' – because, that was an `Introduction' so, that was the `Outline' – like a `Table
of Contents', say – so, we're going to talk about Three Things: (1) Ev Cult, (2) Ev Phil,
and (3) The Implications of Ev Cult for Ev Phil…

So, do you SEE how, the `smaller ellipse'
here – the `Outline', is kind of the same as the `bigger ellipse' – which is The Whole
Thing (Talk)…? Yet one is INSIDE the other – so the `Outline' is a PART of this whole
talk – but the `Outline' was a WHOLE UNIT as well – because, you could stop watching,
right now – and, never watch the rest of this – you have `free will' – you can do: whatever
you like – probably-? And now so, See How, that's fractal? It's: SELF-SIMILAR, on different
SIZE scales…? So – we have the `Outline' – and then we have `The Whole Talk' (with
the Outline (inside it)) — so `You Are Here'…! We've finished the Outline now – we're analyzing
the Outline as a fractal HOLON/parton I'll explain that term soon – and then we'll have,
for The Rest Of This Talk, the details, all expanded out at great length…

it won't take too long? And then we'll have a quick Recap – a slide at the end, saying,
what we just covered – those three things: (1) Ev Cult, (2) Ev Phil, (3) Implications
of Ev Cult for Ev Phil… Anyway so see how, that's a fractal HOLON/parton ? The smaller
things are like the bigger thing – they're kind of the same `shape' geometrically – but
in other terms too: the CONTENT of the Outline is the same as the Content of The Whole Thing.
So – that's an Introduction to fractal HOLON/partons – we're doing Ev Cult already! Whole/part
relationships… Fractal HOLON/partons-! Anyway… See how easy that was? We're already doing:
Ev Cult (!) (…yay!) …Next…? So – once again – this is a bit repetitive,
but, why not-? …(1) `What is: Ev Cult?' (2) …`What is: Ev Phil…?' (3) `What's
the IMPLICATIONS of Ev Cult, for, Ev Phil…?' And now, a quote from the great Dan Dennett
– in `The Atlantic' online magazine (1998)… "In the beginning it was all philosophy. Aristotle,
whether he was doing astronomy, physiology, psychology, physics, chemistry, or mathematics
– it was all the same- it was philosophy.

Over the centuries, dot-dot-dot… (I cut
a bit out…) Questions – [empirical scientific questions] – drop out of Philosophy, and become
Science. So, mathematics, astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology – they all started out
in philosophy, and when they got clear – they were kicked out of the nest! Philosophy is
the mother – and these – [the Sciences] – are the offspring." …What a beautiful thing
– gotta love how Dan thinks! That was from The Atlantic, and see also `The Tree of Culture'
from Evolutionary Culturology – there's a web link there – what I did, I went through,
and researched: What was the YEAR, that each discipline or domain had their First International
Conference, for: (that many) Disciplines or Domains of Knowledge…? So, starting down
the bottom – we have `the roots' – with Aristotle, of The Tree of Culture – where, everything
is philosophy and science is all mixed in – but then, you have: An independent branch
of scholars will have their First International Conference – and you could sort of use that
as `the moment' when that Domain emerged as a Discrete Unit – and so we go through there
– noting, when did Physics, and Chemistry, and Medicine, and Systems Science, and Big
History, and Cultural Evolution (etc)…

When did, all these different `branches' have their
First International Conference? Mathematics was a good one – good old `Hilbert's 23 Problems'
– he made a list of 23 Unsolved Problems in Maths – and over the next century, a lot of
people solved them in the Domain of Mathematics – and got the Fields Medal, for some of them
– which is the `big prize', in Maths… Anyway, `The Tree of Culture'. That sort of shows
how `Philosophy' are `the roots' – down the bottom in the `earth' and in the `soil' – and
out of that springs and `branches off', these different `branches of knowledge' and they
do `branch in different directions'… but it'd be nice if they all were united again
– `Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge'… That's what Ev Cult is about! We'll get to
that soon… Anyway, `The Tree of Culture'… Thank you, Kroeber – Alfred Kroeber, did a
good `tree of culture', years ago… …Anthropology! Anyway next – wait, who is
this guy? Who's: `Velikovsky of Newcastle' anyway…? Is he a Systems Scientist? Some
people say he is – he was also a Video Game Designer for 40 years…

There's some games
over there, that I designed and wrote, but whatever. Some call me a Systems Scientist
– some call me an Information Scientist, because for one thing – I have a chapter in the Encyclopedia
of Information Science and Technology (in 2017) – so; yeah… Or am I a Communication
Scientist? Because, Information Science and Communication Science are pretty much the
same thing… I have a Communication PhD (2016). So yeah. Am I a Computer Scientist? My first
academic publication (co-authored) was in the Domain of Computer Science in 2005 – it
was an Augmented Reality game system that we invented – and games… (Called: A-Rage).
Anyway I've been programming computers since I was seven years old, like, making games
since I was a kid – video games, and board games, other games…

Anyway what am I? Systems,
Information, Communication, Computer Scientist? Am I a Creativity Scientist? My PhD was on
Creativity and Cultural Evolution, in the domain of Cinema – (cinema, movies, films,
filMovies…) …I also have an article in the Journal of Genius and Eminence – which
is `extreme' or `category 5 creativity' (genius) – and i have a chapter in the 2020 Encyclopedia
of Creativity, so… and my PhD was a study- empirical study of 40 films – feature films
– So am i… What kind of Scientist am I? Am I all those five things at once? Yes maybe.
So am I a Transmedia Expert? Because i published (with a co-author) a Definition of Non-Fiction
Transmedia, in a journal called `Convergence' in 2017… And I've worked in the `Creative
Industries' for 20 years… So, films, games, television, novels, etc. Graphic Design…
you-name-it. Yeah, anyway – and worked on a lot of Transmedia
projects… A `Transmedia Story Universe' is a Fractal HOLON/parton, by the way – because,
it's made up of: (1) the film, and (2) the game and (3) the novel, (4) the website, etc…
But, let's not get caught up in that now…

Anyway – if you do all those things – What
do you `call yourself'…? Well I also invented a new Science – called Evolutionary Culturology
– so, I just call myself an Evolutionary Culturologist – rather than, `list out' those things, because
it saves a lot of time…! …Next…? Oh yeah, so – if he's an Ev Cultist – an Evolutionary
Culturologist – He's also, the discoverer of: The META-meta-Science
of Evolutionary Culturology. And, for more details, see: his CV, or, his Multimedia Showreel
– there'll be a link in the description below.

Anyway, I hate talking about myself (it's
boring; I was there the whole time)…! Anyway …Next…? Oh – one other way to `explain
me' is – look at my email-auto-signature – that's my, sort-of `public-facing, list of things'…
Anyway you can freeze the video, and read all that – to me, it seems boring. …Next…? Who are Velikovsky of Newcastle's favorite
Philosophers? Well – if i have to pick just three – because we're short of time – i like
Ervin Laszlo's `Introduction to Systems Philosophy'…

Systems Philosophy includes evolution, because
evolution occurs in systems – in ecosystems! So, if you get a good handle on Systems Science,
Systems Philosophy, Systems Thinking – it's a lot easier to understand Evolution. And,
Eco-Systems…! – Whether they're: biological, or cultural ecosystems, or bio-cultural ecosystems…
So I like Ervin Laszlo's `Systems Philosophy' the best of all – that's kind of the `all-encompassing
view' I like the best. I also like Karl Popper – pretty much, everything he wrote – and i
like Arthur Koestler as well… He managed to – like I aim to do – walk astride `The
Two Cultures' – the Sciences and the Arts… So he wrote novels, and he also wrote scientific
texts – so those are my three favorite philosophers probably? If i had to pick them – and they're
all incredibly Evolutionary Philosophers – and sometimes scientists, as well! …Next..?
What's my favorite: Film Philosophers, if I have to pick three? Stanley Kubrick (everything
except `Spartacus' probably)…

`2001'' is a great one for Evolutionary Philosophy and
Futurology… Terence Malick, `The Thin Red Line' is a particular favorite – great philosophy
in that film… I also was a volunteer rural firefighter for a while (till I took an arrow
to the knee) – so I have an interesting relationship with `war' films because, as a firefighter
– the enemy you're fighting is usually: a big fire… Anyway – …Next…? I also like
Paul Schrader – `Transcendental Style in Film: The Films of Ozu, Bresson, and Dreyer' is
a great Masters' Thesis that Schrader wrote… I also highly recommend `Schrader on Schrader'
(book) – a series of interviews that Schrader did…

Anyway – those are some of my favorite
film or movie philosophers for what it's worth…? …Next…? Who are my favorite Scientists?
If I have to pick three: Charles Darwin – I had an article on Darwin in The Journal of
Genius and Eminence in 2018, in the special issue on Joseph Campbell… I also believe
`All Life is Problem-Solving', as Popper (1999) said – and, with life, emerges: Values…
And, I think `the hero's journey' can be seen as The Scientific Method – don't get me started
on that… Anyway there's blog posts and articles I've written on that… I like Isaac Newton
– I highly recommend James Gleick's short biography of Newton… I also recommend everything
by James Gleick – he's a fantastic pop science writer…

`Chaos: Inventing a new science'
was very influential on me in the mid 90s / early 90s – a great `introduction' to Information
Science & Communication Science is James Gleick's fantastic book – I think from 2011 – called
`The Information: A History, A Theory, A Flood'… (if that's the right title?) …Great book!
But my favorite scientist probably is Claude Shannon – great book by Soni and Goodman:
`A Mind at Play: How Claude Shannon Invented the Information Age'… And, now – we have
computers – which I'm talking to you on now – and you're probably watching this on YouTube
– so, thank you Claude Shannon – well done, sir! …Great book.

The authors reached out
to me, because they knew I'm a Systems Scientist, and recommended it, and i loved it… great
book, anyway. That's a bit about me if it helps? Maybe it
doesn't? I say: `Trust the science, not the scientist' – so I'm kind of irrelevant – much
more important is: the INFORMATION that I'm imparting (just in my view anyway). …Next…?
By the way that's the General Creativity Algorithm – or General Creativity Process – or `recipe',
or stage-model, as they call it in Creativity Science… And, this applies across Science,
The Arts, Music, Invention… all Domains in Culture when you're doing creative – namely
`new, useful, and surprising' work.

That's the three-part, official definition of creativity,
in Creativity Science – thank you Dean Keith Simonton, and Margaret Boden, and Bruner (Jerome
Bruner), and others in Creativity Science… So, thats the `three-part definition of a
creative unit of culture' – something that's `new, useful, and surprising'… Here's the
`8-Step Algorithm' to do something creative (namely: `new, useful, and surprising') – or,
solve a problem – you've got to first: (1) Find the problem, (2) Acquire the knowledge,
(3) Gather the related information, (4) Incubate it (think about it for a while… let your
subconscious do a bit of work, maybe…), (5) Generate ideas, (6) Combine ideas, (7)
Select the very best idea (that's Blind Variation and Selective Retention) – which is one of
the Evolutionary Algorithms… So yeah Select that best idea (out of all the solutions)
which ideally, Solves The Problem – and then last part – number (8) EXTERNALIZE the idea…
So you've got to COMMUNICATE IT – to other human beings – and we're all `error-prone
cybernetic organisms'… So there's a lot can go wrong in that process, because [message
RECEIVED] does not always equal [message SENT]…

Anyway – that's from a fantastic book by R
K Sawyer (2012) – second edition of `Explaining Creativity' – which is basically the textbook
on Creativity Science – so highly recommended: `Explaining Creativity' by R Keith Sawyer
(2012, second edition) – it also has a section on `screenwriting' as well… if, you like
that kind of thing…? …Next…? Yeah sorry – this is `where we're up to'… I'm now EXTERNALIZING
this idea – of Ev Cult, and, `the fractal HOLON/parton structure of culture' – and The
Three Laws, etc… So, just `putting it all, out there…' – and, feel free to ignore it,
if you wish! …Next…? Oh by the way – that Creativity Algorithm, equates to: `The 12
steps of Creative Practice Theory' – which is a thing I came up with, during my PhD – those
are `the 12 steps' you have to go through, in any Cultural Domain – whether it's novels,
or science, music, engineering – anything really…

12 steps
to go through, in terms of General Creativity… …Next…? Oh and by the way – it's a combination
of Csikszentmihalyi's and Pierre Bourdieu's models (or theories) but – that's where we
get into The Newcastle School of Creativity – which combines Csikszentmihalyi' and Bourdieu…
It's all in my PhD – which, is free to read online, if you want more information on that.
…Next…? What have we here…? `What is Evolutionary
Culturology ? ' – Ah! We've finally got there! Okay! So, what is it? …Well here's a pop
quiz: How many units can you count here? How many `thin black squares' there…? …What about, here? How many black squares?
(The outline of a square I mean – and how many Units of Culture here…? Is there: one
word? Is there: four letters? Who knows? Anyway I'll give you time to think about that…
and moving right along…

This is how many I count… So there's five
units on the bottom left… 25 there… and five units there… Because, it's one word
– but it's ALSO, four letters! So there's five units in total (in the word `word').
So what we just did was: counting, on different Scale (or Size) Levels… So – that's how
many SCALES we looked at – with the first square there, with five units, there's: one
big square, and then there's four little squares inside it… So those are two scales: big,
and little! Then there's 25 there, because you've got to count the `three-by-three squares'
as well…

And over there there's five units, if we only count TWO Levels – the level of
the letter (4 letters you know, in that word) – and 1 word — so that's `four plus one is
five units'… So four on the Level of `the letter' – and one unit on `the level of the
word'… So we're already doing Ev Cult! But the question is: How many scales do you want
to count…? I say we count them all! – And that's what The EthiSizer's for as well…
(later, anyway)… …Next…? So Ev Cult is a gestalt-switch… Or a [a lousy German
accent] gestalt-switch…

Provided that you UNDERSTAND it, of course! …What do we see
here…? Do we see a duck, or a rabbit, or do we see: A duck, and a rabbit, and a duck-rabbit
– which would be three things! So this applies to the Necker Cube as well… So it's a new
way of seeing things, or `different levels' – and layers that were under our nose all
along – but now we're kind of `awake to' and `aware of them' – with the Tools of Ev Cult…
Looking at: different fractal HOLON/partons… different UNITS OF CULTURE on different LEVELS
– scale-levels – and minding The Three Laws. …Next…? Just a book i highly recommend: `Darwin on
Man: A Psychological Study of Darwin's Creativity' by Gruber…

A great Creativity Science example
there. Shows how Darwin moved through the metaphors of: `the coral of life', and then
`the tree of life' and finally `the tangled bank'… which, now – he's getting into ecosystems
and systems theory, you see? See why Systems Theory is: important…? Systems Science – and
Systems Philosophy… Anyway that that's also, fractal – that picture – because there's `a
little guy' in the mind of `the bigger guy' there, on the book cover… Anyway speaking
of metaphors – this is a great book, in my view? `The Tangled Bank: Darwin, Marx, Frazer
and Freud as Imaginative Writers'… Stanley Edgar Hyman examined their writing for the
metaphors… So, how did they get across their ideas…? So Darwin, you know, used `the coral
of life', `the tree of life', `the web of life', `the tangled bank'… Marx used a lot
of `stagecraft metaphors' like a magician – or, someone `pulling the wool over your
eyes', with `false consciousness' and `hegemony'…

James Frazer used a lot of travelogue metaphors
– going through a dark forest… Freud used sort of `hydraulic metaphors' – so `pressure
builds up' in the unconscious and comes out, one way or another, in the conscious etc…
Anyway Hyman goes through and looks at the metaphors these guys used – and it's interesting
just from the point of view of Communication – sometimes the metaphor you choose, really
helps get the message across – and sometimes you pick the wrong metaphor – and everyone
just goes "…Huh..?" …Anyway as I say – that is a fractal, because that picture there has
`a little thing', that's very similar to `the bigger thing' (…inside it).

Looks a bit like a `Cartesian Theater' to
me? But it's actually a fractal HOLON/parton because: the brain is Structured as a fractal
HOLON/parton – and so is the body (the organism) – anyway, let's not get too deep into this
now… …Next…? What do we got here? Oh yeah – an empirical scientific question is:
How many discrete units of culture, in this phrase, inside the white box? Let's do Ev Cult on the word `Ev Cult'…
the phrase `Ev Cult', rather… …Next…? Anyway, count them if you like… Is it two
words – or is it one phrase – or is it lots of letters – and what about, morphemes and
syllables if you say it out loud? Anyway count those if you like…

Pop quiz. …Next…?
This is one way to break them up: so the letters – that scale level of the letters – and then
parts of words – and then words – and then the whole phrase. So let's do that, slowly…? And we're now counting discrete UNITS – on
different scale (or, size) LEVELS of culture… So this is symbolic culture – Language! Glyphs,
written symbols – anyway that's what Ev Cult's about…

But it applies to all Domains in
Culture: Music, Movies, Science, everything… Philosophy, Religion… you name it. Ideas,
processes, products. Let's have a `slow look' at counting those units… So, we have: Letter
(that's one unit) – and you can count all the letters, in that top word `Evolutionary'
there… Then we have a morpheme – `evo'- `evo-lutionary', `evo-' that's a PART – so
it's a morpheme, or a syllable: `evo' (evo-lutionary) – and then we have the whole word – and likewise,
down the bottom… We have the letter `C' on the LEVEL of words… (A `Sesame St' meme / unit-of-culture)"…I
love to count!"… Anyway so – we have letters – and then moving up in scale, we have: morphemes
or parts of words – although `cult' by itself – due to polysemy (or different meanings of
different words) is a word on its own – but Ev Cult isn't a cult – unless you want it
to be…

I mean you CAN turn Science into a Religion – and frankly, I think that's a
good idea but anyway – that's a job for The EthiSizer… And then, we have the whole word,
but of course – those two units: `Evolutionary Culturology' – two words are also one phrase
– so that's a unit as well…! So we're we're changing Scale/Size Levels here… Yeah; that's:
Ev Cult…! What's this? `Ev Cult is a new META-meta-Science;
a scientific all-disciplinary matrix, that provides humanity with: a single, standard,
universal, one-size-fits-all set of scientific…. (See, I'm wearing a white lab coat – I have
a sign here, that says `Evolutionary Culturologist' and I'm wearing nerd-glasses… I just- I
LOOK like a scientist… So it must be science?! Surely you can judge a book by its cover?!
(…Or not!) …Most things are ironic – they're the opposite to what they appear on the outside…
Anyway it's: A single, standard, universal, one-size-fits-all, set of scientific: Units,
Levels, Evolutionary Algorithms (or evolutionary mechanisms), and, Three Laws of all Culture
and Biology.

By the way – it's laws of Physics and Chemistry, Sociology, and all sorts – but
let's just keep it to two for now, for a start? This is a lot to take in. …Next…? So that's
what Ev Cult is, in one page. It's a synthesis of: 6 other meta-sciences…
So for example, Information and Communication Science – also Systems Science – also Evolutionary
Algorithms – also Creativity Science, which started around 1950 with J P Guilford's speech
to the American Psychological Association…. – and, Cultural Evolution – and Applied Evolutionary
Epistemology – and it came out of The Newcastle School of Creativity in Australia… And – that's
Ev Cult ! And, there's a tiny bit of `Memetics'' in there – but not too much – because in my
view Memetics makes the mistake of giving units of culture: agency…! Systems have
agency – because they have goals but units of culture – which are the inputs and outputs
of systems – are just tools. They don't have `intentional agency', anyway. Let's forge ahead… `Onward Atheist Soldiers,
I say!" (oops – did i say that out loud?) …Next…! Ah yes – so – what's the difference
between (1) a Science; (2) a meta-science; and then (3) a META-meta-Science…? Well,
down the bottom, you have your Individual Sciences – such as: Maths, fractal Geometry,
Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Geology, Biology, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology…

an emergent diagram, by the way – so once you have Maths and computers, you can simulate
Physics – build a universe – and then within that, you're going to have Astronomy (planets
and stars and things) – and Geology – because they have physical details – and then you
can get Chemistry… Physics – and Chemistry comes out of that when hydrogen atoms bond,
to form helium etc – and then, if on a planet, Life emerges – you can get Biology – and biology
has an algorithm inside it, deciding what to do – that's Psychology – and then you get
Sociology when you have groups of living organisms – and then Anthropology is, you know, `Cultures'
and stuff…

Anyway that's down the bottom – the Individual Sciences – so that's there,
you know, Physics only covers so much… Chemistry has some disciplinary boundaries shall we
say… Biology etc etc… But then, you have meta-sciences, which is, a level above – because,
System Science applies to all those things! Because things in Physics – such as atoms
and planets and solar systems – you know, galaxies, universes… they're Systems. In
chemistry you have molecules and compounds – they're also systems – then you have you
know, your Biology, well that's an organic System – a life form – and then you get Psychology,
you know which there are Systems inside a Psychology…

And in Sociology, you have Systems
because you have groups etc – so Systems Science is a meta-science… it applies to more than
one science… And so too with Information, and Communication Science… So: atoms, molecules,
viruses, animals, plants, people – they communicate – they send signals and messages, and exchange
information etc – so, Information and Communication Science applies to ALL the Sciences… It's
a meta-science. And then, over on the right, we have Cultural Evolution, so that studies
the evolution of `units of culture' – and you know, see books by Alex Mesoudi, and Boyd
and Richerson, and et cetera, et cetera… And Creativity Science, you know, Dean Keith
Simonton, Mike Csikszentmihalyi, R Keith Sawyer, The Newcastle School of Creativity, etc…
Anyway those are meta-sciences – but this one – Evolutionary Culturology – it goes a
level above, because it reduces (1) Systems and (2) units of culture, to: fractal HOLON/partons…
So it's an act of scientific reduction! Things are made of: information, matter, and energy
– that's what Systems are made of – and that's what they process, as well – so, you can reduce
both Systems, and Units of Culture to: fractal HOLON/partons, and The Three Laws…

So i
call it `Simplicity Science', really. It makes everything a lot simpler to understand. …Next…?
So Ev Cult is Simplicity Science! By the way, here's a quote – a random quote – from a random
webpage: `Stephen Hawking is credited with characterizing the 21st century as an era
when humanity would grapple with complex science'… It's kind of just, you know, What's Left To
Discover… or What's left to solve – the puzzles, or the problems. But my PhD was in Systems and Complexity Science
and Evolution – but out of that came this discovery: the units, levels, mechanisms,
and Three Laws.

I like to think of it as Simplicity Science, because it just makes things easier,
and simpler. That's a quote from a web page that I found thanks to David Sloan Wilson!
Anyway Ev Cult is Simplicity Science. Sounds a lot easier to handle than `Complexity Science',
too. …Next…? Okay so – over the years – sorry…
So – What are these things? This is a quick pop quiz! What do those symbols represent
– those eight things? [thinking music] Anyway – those are eight things – but I say,
they're all fractal HOLON/partons…

What they are, is: an atom, then a molecule, a
tectonic plate, a solar system, a cell, a chunk – which is a part of a memory, you know,
something like `information in your brain stored in memory' in your brain… &, `a bit',
you know, thank you Claude Shannon – information: yes or no, off or on, zero or one… And,
a System – which is just something that has: a boundary, inputs and outputs, and an algorithm
inside it…

Anyway these are all fractal HOLON/partons – they're all the same thing!
So even a `chunk' of information, in your brain, is a fractal HOLON/parton. So this
is where Information and Communication Science comes in… So, those things are all fractal
HOLON/partons, governed by The Three Laws of fractal HOLON/partons…! …Next…? Oh
yeah, so – they're all that just that. That, by the way, is a drawing suggested by Leibniz,
around 1666 – it has enormous mathematical implications – and it's a great indication,
or symbolic metaphor, for what a fractal HOLON/parton is…

It is a whole and a part, at the same
time… It is a whole unit – and – it is a part of, a larger unit! And it obeys The Three
Laws. Anyway. …Next…? By the way Ev Cult solves 50 (or more) hard scientific problems
of culture. There's a web page with those 50 quotes, those problems that it solves,
if you like reading: Problems… And then Ev Cult's suggested solution, now that we
have these discoveries: The units, levels, mechanisms, and Three Laws. …Next…? This is a little video that I made in SketchUp
– just to show, the Vertical Integration of the Sciences, that results… So these Domains emerge, out of each other… And these domains are all: fractal HOLON/partons.
So that's: Consilience, The Unity of Science, or Vertical Integration. …good old Ed Wilson (1998)… So, that's
that! Yeah – Three Laws of fractal HOLON/partons:
(1) Integrate `up', (2) Compete, and/or Cooperate `sideways'; (3) `Control & Command' – (or,
Enable Agency and Structure), `downwards', for the smaller units, which are inside them.
…Next…? So sorry – by the way – not all hierarchies, are HOLARCHY/partarchies…!
– Important distinction! …Next…? Okay, wait a minute – What's the difference between
Ev Cult, and, `Culturology'…? Well I call this science Evolutionary Culturology – but
there was a Domain or Discipline called `Culturology' which was started up in the 1940s, 50s, 60s
by Leslie White – there's an example, some examples of his writing on it – there's some
good ideas in there, but that's distinct from Ev Cult.

This is a whole new bag. But borrowing
and using some of his excellent ideas – but it's not really, like, I actually discovered
his work AFTER I had done my discoveries… so if there's any overlaps, it's just: convergence.
In the same way you know `scientific multiples' happen a lot… like Leibniz and Newton solving
calculus… Wallace and Darwin solving evolution…

Dean Keith Simonton has a great book from
2004, `Creativity in Science', where he has a huge long list of `scientific multiple discovery'…
Anyway unfortunately, good old Leslie White – his `Culturology' as a discipline or domain
was sort of mostly forgotten or ignored these days, from what I can see? But – there was
an issue that, he decided you shouldn't have `a school' – so whenever a school (like Plato's
Academy) of his work started up, he did everything he could to disband it… he said, trust the
work not the workers, kind of thing… So yeah anyway – just, a big distinction between
`Evolutionary Culturology' and `Culturology'… So if you say "Oh in Culturology, blah blah"
I'll think you're talking about Leslie White – but if you say "In Evolutionary Culturology…"
or "In Ev Cult, blah blah"…

I'll know you're talking about this stuff that i'm talking
about. Good. …Next…? (Good to clear that one up – another `finer point of distinction',
there!) So – Ev Cult (2016) solves `consilience' as
per Ed Wilson's great book, `Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge' (1998) – because it
applies to all domains in culture and biology. Because, its: units, levels, evolutionary
algorithms, and Three Laws apply to: all those domains. So, there you go – Simplicity Science! …Scientific
reduction! …Next…? Yeah – they're all fractal HOLON/partons – for
their units – or, their canonical units at any rate – not the `archive' ones… Next…?
`What is culture?' This is what Ev Cult suggests: just THREE things – ideas, processes, and
products. That's pretty straightforward! You can split `products' into two types – sorry,
you can split `processes' into (1) mental processes (which is: thinking, and emotions
etc) and (2) physical processes – which is separate to, `a person, thinking'…

So, think
of: a self-driving car – that's a physical process! Or an oven with a timer – that's
a physical process! That doesn't necessarily have `a person thinking' involved in that
system – although `a thinking person may' start that System in action! So, yeah. Culture
is just, those three things. There's over 300 definitions of `culture' floating around
there… but Ev Cult likes to look at it this way – because it means everything's a lot
simpler, and easier to categorize, and understand. …Next…? Yeah – where does that come from? I got the
idea from Popper's `Three Worlds' Theory – but i also split his `World 2' (or the world of
mental processes: thinking and feeling) into (A) Mental Processes – which, is his `World
2' – but also separate, (B) Physical Processes…

And having those 4 categories – not just `three
worlds' means, it's easier to classify Units of Culture… And some of them are all 4!
They're (1) an idea, (2) a mental process – when you think about that idea; (3) a physical
process (when you execute the algorithm – or bake a cake: say the (1) idea of baking a
cake; (2) thinking about baking that cake (3) baking that cake in an oven, and then
(4) the product might be: the cake! Yeah anyway – see Popper's `Three Worlds' for a bit of
background on this stuff… That's a good chapter on it, there… That was a speech,
a lecture, he gave – and, there's more on it in – there's four separate essays in different
places – but there's some good discussion of it, in `The Philosophy of Karl Popper'
(the Schilpp volumes, 1974) – and – by the way – that's the same book where we have `Evolutionary
Epistemology' – the chapter by Donald Campbell, which kicked off the domain of `Evolutionary
Epistemology, proper' – BV-SR, Blind Variation and Selective Retention, applied to knowledge
– and knowledge processes…

And of course, D K Simonton has done extensive work, developing
that – because Don Campbell was his `doctoral grandfather'… Anyway, there you go. …Next…?
Oh yes, and see also, obviously, Applied Evolutionary Epistemology: Nathalie Gontier, Mike Bradie,
etc – fantastic stuff, and without which, I couldn't have made any of these discoveries!
…Next…? There's the website for `AppEEL' : The Applied
Evolutionary Epistemology Lab… highly recommended! …Next…? So, what this means, is – those
Four Categories of Culture (1. ideas, 2. mental processes, 3. physical processes, and 4. products)
are a good Classification System – and it's kind of like, the four phase-states of water…
So, plasma, gas, liquid, and solid — roughly equates to — idea, mental process, physical
process, product…

There's a metaphor! …Next…? Oh yes, so, that means you can go around,
looking at everything in Culture, and classifying it. Is it: one, two, three, or four – or,
ALL of those things, at once? And I really like Andy Norman's book `Mental
Immunity' – and his website `CIRCE' (cognitive immunology) a great non-profit organization,
doing good work there, on people's Cognitive Immunity. This means, you can scientifically
identify – and track – ideas, processes, and products…! And Cognitive Immunity is a good
`bottom-up' process, where – as people – we need to improve our Critical Thinking and
use The New Socratic Method (in Andy's book)…! And as a top-down method, there's The EthiSizer
– which goes around `tagging' fake news on any communication media and pointing out why
it's untrue, and links to better scientific information etc.

So these are just some solutions
to solving `Cultural Cancer' or, bad ideas that aren't pro-social – and don't help humanity
in general… …Next…? Yes so, bottom-up and top-down causation. You see – in the middle,
there a person (or organism)… This is one big fractal HOLON/parton – so you have: The
Universe (or the Multiverse, full of Universes) – then we're just `zooming down', using the
Three Laws: Planet, Continent, Country, State, City, Local Community, Family, Person, Organ
System, Organ – which is a System – a tissue, a cell, an organelle – these are all fractal
HOLON/partons – and you can use The Three Laws to identify, the next scale-level up
– which is either a system, or a unit of culture, or sometimes both – anyway so just in terms
of Curing Cultural Cancer – The EthiSizer is a `top-down' solution, which monitors everything
– and, deals with those problems – and a `bottom-up'
approach which is each person doing their own bit, to try and keep on the straight-and-narrow
in terms of not propagating bad ideas – and supporting
good ideas (pro-social ideas)…

…Next…? See also Prosocial World from David Sloan
Wilson – and This View of Life, and The Evolution Institute, etc… …Next…? So: `What is the Structure of all Culture?'
…Here's a hint – it's the same structure as: atoms, molecules, cells, organs, organisms,
superorganisms, the biosphere, and the universe… So Ev Cult discovered the Structure of all
Culture is the fractal HOLON/parton. `…What is a fractal?' Well, they're things that are:
self-similar on different scale levels – or different size levels. So there's some examples
in fractal geometry – or you could have `a circle made of tiny little circles' – so the
circle is made of little dots (which would be circles!) – and a branch is fractal, because
`the part' looks like `the whole'… A cloud – and you know, the dendritic structure of
riverbeds – when you zoom in a little branch, and fork of a river looks like `the whole
river delta overall' etc…

A great book is `Scale' by Jeffrey West – anyway… …Next…? Fractals are: things that are self-similar,
on different scale levels. So not forgetting the Mandelbrot Set, etc… The Julia Set…
Cantor Set, etc… …Next…? Yes so this is an example – it's a `1' made of little
`1's… See how (on the left, there) we have a big number 1 made of small 1s… That's
very literal, with fractal HOLON/partons, a 1 made of 1s… So all those smaller 1's
are obeying The Three Laws of HOLON/partons…

They're: (1) Integrating `upwards' – into
the larger unit, the bigger number 1 – and (2) they're Competing and Cooperating `sideways'
with each other, with units on the same scale-level, so they're co-operating to form the big 1
– and they're all competing (for attention) – and then they're (3) `Controlling & Commanding'
the units inside them – so each number `1' has to obey the law of "looking like a number
1 symbol" – so if any of them look too much like a 7, it would be `breaking the rules'
and wouldn't be properly: Commanded & Controlled, to do what it's supposed to do – to solve
the problem (or: goal) it's addressed to solve… And, here's: a 2, made of 2s…

So again – this
is a literal example, of a fractal HOLON/parton – it's a big `2', made up of little 2s…
Now people are made of atoms – well people are made of organ systems, which are made
of organs, which are made of tissues, which are made of cells, which are made of organelles,
which are made of molecules – organic molecules – which are made of atoms… Anyway they're
all fractal HOLON/partons. They all obey The Three Laws. I hope that metaphor helps understand, what
is a fractal HOLON/parton, in Ev Cult… …Next…? Yes, so again – fractals are things that are
self-similar on different scale levels…So – say you had a Book, that had 4 parts – or
even 4 chapters in it – and you're halfway-through reading the First Chapter there, at Point
`A' – and you're going to read it all the way through, to the end. Or – it could be
an Article, made up of 4 sections – that are all slightly different sizes – or it could
be a Movie, that's made of 4 `acts'…Anyway, the parts resemble the whole – but the parts
ARE wholes in themselves, so, there's `a whole Act' in a movie – there's `a whole Chapter'
in a book – there's `a whole Section' in an article, etc…

So these are fractal HOLON/partons.
…Next…? Or for example, that could be a Song – so there could be `verses' and `choruses'
– which are parts of the song – but then you have the whole song – and maybe you're halfway
through listening to the First Verse in that particular model, or example… (graphical
example, or model there)… This is just to show, how fractal HOLON/partons (ALSO) work,
through Time… So: when we absorb INFORMATION…! So, listening to a Song – or reading a Book
– or watching a Movie – or listening to a Talk on YouTube, like this one – there are
little `parts' that make up `the whole'…

And – they obey The Three Laws of HOLON/partons,
because, they're Three Laws of Culture – and – Biology…! …Next… Yes, so just going deeper – I really like
the great book by Brian Boyd `On the Origin of Stories', from 2009 – I cited it a lot
in my 2016 PhD thesis study – here's an example, with `Stories'… So Brian notes – `the pattern'
in stories is: (1) GOAL – so a character has a goal, and then they take (2) ACTION – and
then, there's an (3) OBSTACLE, or a `problem' – and then there's (4) the OUTCOME… So you
can use that same four-part pattern, to look – to analyze – [1] a SCENE, in a movie, or
a novel, or a story of any kind (or, a song, a poem) – you can also go a bit larger and
analyze [2] a SEQUENCE OF SCENES – so maybe, there's a `chase scene' in a James Bond story
(or, novel or film) and maybe it uses three different locations: maybe they, charge down
the back-streets, and then they go across a different bridge, and then they head out
into the desert – so that is – that SEQUENCE of [chase] SCENES, is, A CHASE-SEQUENCE – but
– it's also structured as: (1) goal, (2) action, (3) obstacle, (4) outcome – for the protagonist
(James Bond, say) and then you have [3] the entire (film) STORY – which also has the same
Structure of: (1) goal (maybe, stop the super villains) (2) action (go to their lair, and
try and arrest them or shoot them, or whatever), (3) obstacle (maybe there's booby-traps, and
guards and henchmen), and (4) the outcome (probably, James Bond succeeds in eliminating
the bad guy)…

So this same fractal structure applies, all the way down through stories…
Because when I discovered the unit of culture – the Structure of the unit of culture – the
fractal HOLON/parton – stories are just `units of culture' in any medium – whether it's a
song, or a poem, or a book, or a tv show, or a movie, or an anecdote (etc)… So – stories
(or `narremes') are units of culture. So, once you have the Structure of the Unit of
Culture – it also solves the problem of: What is the unit of story? It is a fractal HOLON/parton.
So anyway – read my PhD thesis for more – or maybe my five chapters, that I've published

…Moving right along – and look at all Brian Boyd's work – it's terrific – he's
also writing a biography of Sir Karl Popper… …Next! Yes, so The Structure of all Culture
is the fractal HOLON/parton. This is three different views of it. There's a `top view',
where you just see one unit (say, one movie – or one book – or one word – or one sentence)
and then – if you `flip it upside-down', and `look under the hood', we get the `bottom
view' there, and we see all the parts, on the different scale-levels, that make it up
– that are all obeying The Three Laws of HOLON/partons on each scale level – and then you can extract
(or extrude) it – or `explode' it, like the third view there – like dissecting a frog
in Biology class in high school – you can `pull the parts out' and look at them one-by-one,
and hopefully then reassemble it – maybe even combine them with other units, and create
a whole new great unit! Because science is analysis – but also synthesis, putting it
all putting the parts back together, and doing it better.

So that's a very key point made
in Ed Wilson's `Consilience' book from 1998 – which a lot of people overlook; they think
science is just analysis – but they forget it's also synthesis – you know; providing
a better product or solution – building a better mousetrap, etc. …Next…? So both (1) Systems, and, (2) Units of Culture
– which are not always the same thing – but sometimes they are! Because a car is a system
– but it's also a unit of culture – are structured as fractal HOLON/partons, and obey the same
Three Laws.

So, on the left – we've got Biology, so we have a Biological Ecosystem as `the
big circle' or `the big system'… Within that, you've got Populations… within that,
a Holobiont – which is like: a person but we also have lots of viruses and bacteria,
and things that are part of "The Living `Planets', that are on-two-legs, that is us, walking
around" – and you need certain healthy bacteria in your gut, so maybe you drink Yakult or
something like that to keep healthy – Anyway yeah – the holobiont – and all the bacteria
on your skin and that sort of thing, and then: Cells. Anyway on the left, that's a HOLON/parton
in Biology – and then on the right, we have Culture – so you have Cultural Ecosystem…
within that, one Domain in Culture (and there's about 50 000 of them) is Language – but there's
other Domains – like music, science, and visual art, and there's sub-domains – so within visual
art there's: films, and there's painting, and there's drawing, and etc…

And then you
know, just going down on the left, we have: Language; smaller unit – sentence; smaller
unit – word… Anyway this is meant to show clearly that Biology and Culture are structured
– scientifically – the same way. The units, the discrete units – are fractal HOLON/partons.
So just look for things – using a magnifying glass… Look for things, that obey The Three Laws,
all at once… So, they (1) INTEGRATE `upwards' into a larger unit; they (2) COMPETE and/or
COOPERATE, with units on the same level – COMPETE and/or COOPERATE, with units on the same level
– and they (3) CONTROL & COMMAND, the units
on the level below, which are inside them! Anyway – moving right along… …Next…? So that's an important point – both (1) Systems,
and, (2) Units of Culture, are structured as fractal HOLON/partons! – So, that's what
that diagram is meant to show. So, there's some examples: You might have: a letter – or
a word – or a sentence – going into the SYSTEM (which is, a person: a biological organism
– or – a physical-chemical-biological-psychological-sociological-cultural System – is, what a person can be!) – and,
they might OUTPUT, a unit of culture – so they might speak a sentence themselves, later…
Or they might repeat a unit of culture, that they heard – and then, you have: Languages…
Or, units of Music – maybe somebody hears a song, and maybe they also then whistle the
song, or sing the song later…

Or sing it to somebody, in a performance… And, with
Food going into that System, there's different fractal HOLON/parton scale-levels – you might
eat just one Pringle – or, bigger: you might eat a whole meal (sort of fish and two veg)
– and then there's `a whole diet' (the whole: everything-that-you-eat, including that bit
of chocolate!) …Anyway – and then, there's OUTPUTS – which in the case of [Food], the
system's OUTPUT is, usually, poop – but a lot of the Energy, Matter, and Information
goes into maintaining, growing, repairing, the System…! Anyway – just an example, pointing
out that (1) Systems, and (2) Units of Culture – are both Structured the same way – whether
they're Biological Systems, or Artificial (human-made) Systems.

Anyway, that's an interesting
point! …Next… Yes so, Systems are very simple: it has a Boundary, which contains
Algorithms – or Processes – systems processes, inside it – and it has Inputs, and Outputs,
and has a goal. Whether that goal is: just to stay alive – or, to sit down and watch
a good movie on Netflix – whatever the goal may be. So, Systems are also structured as
fractal HOLON/partons. `What are The Three Laws of All Culture ? ' Well,
another hint – they're the same (3) Laws that govern: atoms, and molecules, and cells, and
organs, and organisms, and, superorganisms – (we're getting bigger, all the way) – and,
the Biosphere (that's: all Life on Earth) – and, the Universe… …Next… Yes, these
are The Three Laws. So fractal HOLON/partons, they do three things: They (1) Integrate upwards
into the bigger unit on the scale-level above and they (2) Compete and/or Cooperate, with
units on the same scale level, and they (3) Control and Command units on the scale-level
below, which are inside them! So – an organ-system controls each organ (there's about 20 organ
systems in the human body) and then the organ controls its tissues – and the tissues control
all the cells – so you go all the way down, and all the way up…

This is `upward and
downward causation'… So these Three Laws cause Upward and Downward Causation – which
was a big mystery in evolution for a long time – a lot of debate over that one. Anyway
this solves it. Yes – so, those are your Three Laws… and both Systems, and, Units of Culture
obey these Three Laws. So, there you go-! …Next…? Yes, so the Three Laws of fractal HOLON/partons
actually causes Multi-Level Selection to occur.

You can do it as a `thought experiment' – or,
you can make a simulation, to demonstrate it. If you have units, all on the same level
– and limited or finite resources – they will eventually compete for the resources – and
the solution is, COOPERATE – or get more resources from somewhere, or – go somewhere else! Anyway
unfortunately when it's finite, it's hard to `go somewhere else' – (so it's hard to
get off Earth and go and live on Mars, right now – but, there's all sorts of problems up
there, too!) – Anyway – so, we have here a diagram, from Ev Cult: " You are a system
of systems – inside more systems!". So, you're a Biological-Psychological-Sociological-Cultural
SYSTEM – but you're also a Physical, and Chemical System! – because you're made of atoms, and
molecules… And you're inside: bigger systems! So: family (perhaps), local community, town
or village or city, state, country, and planet – and, we really need a Whole Earth Ethic!
Anyway the point is, The Three Laws operating on units, in Biology, or in Culture – or Physics,
and Chemistry causes Multi-Level Selection! So I think David Sloan Wilson and Ed Wilson
are right! And unfortunately – just on this one – I think good old Richard Dawkins is
not-quite-right! But maybe if he sees this, one day, the penny will drop – who knows?
I'm a huge fan of Richard Dawkins – just, not absolutely-everything he ever said! (And
that goes for all my heroes…

I'm huge fans of them – but I may not agree with absolutely-everything
they ever said. That's Critical Thinking for you! …Next…! Yes, so – USE the Three Laws of fractal HOLON/partons
like that, to look at things – and FIND the Units! …Just look for things that obey those
Three Laws-! That's how you can identify the Discrete Units. But by the way – things are
both discrete and continuous – this comes out of Communication Theory, in the 1920s.
(I won't go into it now.) …Next…? That's a handy little TOOL, from Ev Cult – The Three
Laws, as a `magnifying glass'.

…Or, fractal HOLON/parton-colored glasses! You can use
it to find discrete Units – and Levels – of culture or biology – or bio-culture – because
biology has culture in it! (If culture is: ideas, processes, and products. Anyway, let's
not go there [bio-culture] right now.) …Next… So, some Evolutionary Algorithms (or Mechanisms)
from Ev Cult… You've got `Selection & Transmission' (ST) – so, maybe you hear a word – and then
you tell somebody else that same word – like `Brangelina' or something, or Ev Cult! (Who
knows?) And, `Selection, Variation, and Transmission' (SVT) – so, you can do that either intentionally
(where you hear a unit of culture – or absorb it – or read it – and then you change it a
little bit – you know how gossip tends to evolve) and then Transmit it.

But you can
also do that as a creative act – to hear something and then improve it a bit – and then transmit
it, and tell somebody else! What I've done with Popper's `Three Worlds' (if you ask me)
– I turned it into Four, because it's a good Classification System for a Taxonomy of Culture.
…Next… Blind Variation and Selective Retention (BV-SR). This goes to Charles Darwin, Don Campbell, Nathalie Gontier… This is
Evolutionary Epistemology… & Dean K Simonton… BV-SR – that's another Evolutionary Algorithm
– and the [ST] and [SVT] take place inside that larger algorithm (BV-SR) – there's a
diagram over there, of The Fractal Systems Meta-model of Biocultural Evolutionary Creativity,
from Ev Cult (or, The FSM of BCEC) …! So you have (derived from Csikszentmihalyi's
Socio-Cultural Systems Model of Creativity, 1988-2014) – you have (up top) – a Domain
in Culture (whether it's Language, or Music, or Science…

Or – the domain of Cars – or
the domain of Microscopes or the domain of `Things that smell like chocolate' – or whatever,
you have: a Domain in Culture – and then, you have a Field (of the Audience: Producers
and Consumers of that culture) – so, say we're talking about the domain of Novels, you have
Writers, and Readers, and Critics of Novels – and within that you have individual people
– so a writer like J K Rowling or Tolstoy or Dostoevsky or Flann O'Brian – (my favorite
novel is `The Third Policeman' by Flann O'Brian – anyway that's not important right now) – so
yes, you have the Socio-Cultural Systems Model of Creativity – but I've made it fractal,
by showing the `1. Memory – 2. Imagination – 3. Judgment' System – inside a person's
head – and then we can add this to AI – and have Artificial Computational Creativity – where
a computer comes up with good ideas – and then it has an Artificial Critic – that Selects
the best ideas, and then presents them…Anyway, so you've got this – The Fractal Systems Meta-model,
there – and there's another Evolutionary Algorithm, (i=P), where: Ideas go through Processes,
to Products – and vice-versa (back the other way)…

Someone sees a product – thinks about
it, has a better idea, how to build a better mousetrap – here's an example: the old Ratsak
`Catch & Hold' – that's a slightly different twist, on: a better mousetrap! And anyway
– more on the Ev Cult blog. …Next… Yes, here's another view of that same Fractal
Systems Meta-model of Bio-Cultural Evolutionary Creativity…

Up top, you have [any domain
in culture] – Language, Science, Values, Ideology, Narratives, Written Fiction, Written Non-Fiction,
Movies, Television, Video Games, Poetry, Humor (the domain of Humor – all things that are
funny!), Religions, Music, Visual Art, Invention (Mechanical Inventions, like cars or microscopes,
or glasses, what-have-you; spectacles)… …Next… So yes – up top, you have your Domain – and
then you have your Agent, in the bottom right (which could be a person – or a robot) – and
they absorb Units of Culture, from a Domain – so they read books, or read the internet,
or something – and then present those ideas to the Field for that domain, so the Producers
and Consumers and the Critics for that Domain and the `judges' for that domain – or, the
`gatekeepers' as they're called – and then, see if that new unit — IF, you've created
a NEW one – (by combining OLD units) – might enter the Domain…? And in this way, we have
Cumulative Cultural Evolution – where someone takes an old idea, and adds something to it
– and it works better than `the competition', or, the `contemporary alternatives'…

that's creativity: Creating a `new, useful, and surprising' unit of culture (idea, process,
or product). Anyway… Next… And, yes – this is the `i iterates to P, and
back again' Evolutionary Algorithm – and then you get into: Information, Energy, and Matter
– but let's not go too deep right now. You can read those 5 chapters (of mine, 2016-2020),
and get more… …Next…? Yes, so – that's all you really need – is
those two things, in Ev Cult: the Units and scale-Levels (which is: the fractal HOLON/parton)
and The Three Laws of fractal HOLON/partons: (1) Integrate `upwards'; (2) Compete &/or
Cooperate `sideways'; (3) Control & Command (or, if you prefer: Enable Agency & Structure)
`downwards' for the Units on the scale-Level below, which are inside them! …Next…

Yes, so this gives you the Vertical Integration
– or Consilience – of knowledge. All those Domains – from Evolutionary Systems Philosophy
(Laszlo 1972), moving up – Evolutionary Philosophy – Evolutionary Mathematics – Evolutionary
Astronomy – and Ev Geology of course – and then Evolutionary Physics – Evolutionary Chemistry
– Evolutionary Biology – Evolutionary Psychology – Evolutionary Sociology – Evolutionary Anthropology
– Evolutionary Arts & Humanities. These Units, and these Domains, are all fractal HOLON/partons
– so, this unites all. – On the side there, we can see: Philosophy, Science, Social Science,
and the Arts – so it even turns the Arts into a Science – because you've got: the units,
levels, evolutionary mechanisms, and the Three Laws – to start really empirically examining
these Units… Where do they come from, and where do they go to. …Next… Yes, so some past `Industrial Applications'
are – for example – I built `The Robo- Raconteur' – which is an artificially-intelligent
computer-program, that COMBINES existing movie IDEAS – and then judges them, as: a NEW movie

So it's an Artificial Writer program. It's an Excel spreadsheet you can download
– and I published an article on it, in the International Journal of Art, Culture, Design,
and Technology (IJACD&T)… Anyway – it combines Top 20 RoI (Return-on-Investment) movie Ideas
– and it also has an `Ironic Character Generator' in it, and all sorts… But so – Computational
Creativity…! Anyway, that came out of my PhD – and that's an example of a `World 1'
artifact – (a PRODUCT) – of Ev Cult… …Next… And I also did an Agent-Based Model (ABM)
of the Global Film Industry, as a system – so, in NetLogo I adapted a model by Wilensky – and
modelled the film industry, showing how the film industry works, AS A SYSTEM… with Inputs
and Outputs, and Algorithms – And so you have movie SCREENPLAYS, and MOVIES
(and the Field) – but only 1% of movie screenplays get made – and of that, 70% of movies lose
money…! Anyway it's `The Less Than 1% Problem' – which is the same as Evolution in the history
of the world, because – 99% percent of species have gone extinct over Earth's history – and
it's pretty much the same in all Domains in culture: novels, movies, songs…

99% of (units)
culture becomes `archive' and only less than 1% becomes `canon'… It's called `The Rock-Star
Effect' where some things (1% of units) are best-sellers (the `canon') and everything-else
sort of `fades into obscurity' (goes: `archive')… Anyway – that's Evolution for you…! But
– can we fix it? Yes we can! (That's what The EthiSizer is
for… but, we'll get to that later) …Next…

So. I went along to the Computational Creativity
Conference, last year – and talked a bit about a lot of this stuff: Ev Cult, and `The Robo-Raconteur',
and whatnot… Anyway – this all has applications in Creativity – & Computational Creativity
– so we can get computers to solve the hard problems for us, and we can just do the fun
stuff… …Next… I also made a board game, called `PhiloSoPoly'
– it's a cross between `Trivial Pursuit' and `Monopoly' – but asking questions about Philosophy
– trivia questions – so anyway, that's a fun free `print & play' board-game that I made
to try and get people to enjoy – and learn more about – Philosophy! Anyway you can print
it out and play it, if you like (free).

…Next… And so, here's another [game, I designed]-
[battle sounds, outside] – There's a War on Science!
Here is another game I designed: `Sudden-Death Stress-Chess'-!
So as you can see, the pieces start in the middle of the board – so that's the start
of the game… Also, black has a handicap – one pawn missing – so, change the Rules,
and see what happens! It's a really fun game to play – and there's a blogpost on it there… Anyway, this brings us to: Agency (or `choices')
– and Structure (or `rules')… Here for example, is a `standard Chess setup'…
Let's talk about: Agency & Structure! …So the `Structure' of the game is the `Laws'
or the `Rules' – and the `Agency' is: the `possible moves' or the `choices' or `decisions'
that either a player can make – or, if those little pieces had `intentional agency', maybe
THEY could make – but they don't, because they're just: Units of Culture ! So, SYSTEMS
have intentional agency – whereas, Units of Culture do have agency (possible `moves')
but somebody has to `move them around', and `do things with' them.

…So – this is a crucial
part of Ev Cult, and The Newcastle School of Creativity: "Agency & Structure"! …So
`Agency' – other synonyms for that, are: `choices' or `decisions' or so-called `free will' and/or,
`possible moves' – as the great Dan Dennett likes to say: `possible moves' in Chess – or,
`forced moves' in Chess…! And on the other hand, we have Structure: `Laws', or `Rules'
– also known as Conventions or Traditions or `the Rules of the Game' – and some Physical
Laws are pretty hard to get around! But – some Laws – such as `laws of a democracy' or `laws
of a communist society' are hard to get around, but only if you get caught-! Anyway `Agency
& Structure', very important.

It goes all the way through all fractal HOLON/partons
– just not all of them are SYSTEMS… not all of them have: intentional agency…
…Next … So think about this: atoms obey certain Laws,
including the Three Laws of fractal HOLON/partons – AND, Physical Laws discovered by Newton
and Einstein (etc) – and yes – `Agency & Structure'…! Molecules also have
slightly-different Agency & Structure so – there's a different `Chess board'…! There some different
`rules of the game' – of: things they can do – or – things WE can make them do, if we're
an intentional system…! And then again, moving up the scale of HOLON/partons – Cells,
which are made of Molecules – which are made of Atoms – (and all of which are fractal HOLON/partons)
– they have different `Rules' or `Laws' or `Rules of the Game' – and different `possible

So the things that a Cell can do, are different from the things a Molecule can
do, which again are different from the things Atoms can do (dimensions and degrees of freedom)…
But these things are going on all the time. Anyway so, again, we have: Agency & Structure. And –
all those objects – fractal HOLON/partons – Atoms, Molecules, Cells, Organs, Organisms,
Societies, Nations, the whole Planet – has different Levels – emergent Levels – of Structure.
So the things they can do – the `possible moves… And then `intentional systems' have
agency (or choices, or decisions, they can make) – using their: free will… …provided they KNOW the choices they're
making, of course! If you don't think you HAVE a choice, maybe you only just do one
thing! But if you have all the information – and all the possible alternatives – then
you can make an informed choice… And this is why Information Science is important! Perfect
information is perfect knowledge.

Humans don't have it – we have `bounded rationality' as
good ole Gerd Gigerenzer likes to say, and people like: Herbert Simon. So anyway what
would help is – an EthiSizer, that Knows all, and Sees all – and can advise us, on the best
and most ethical decisions, or choices, to make. And likewise – punish us, if we make
UN-ethical decisions – with graduated sanctions – possibly even using Ostrom's Core Design
Principles! …Next… So you have these Three Laws – of fractal
HOLON/partons – going all the way up… And, Multi-Level Selection going all the way up…
I've left off `molecules' and `atoms' and `quarks' and things… But we start, down
the bottom – with Cells, on that big diagram on the left – they `make up' or integrate
`upwards' into Tissues – they integrate `upwards' into Organs – they co-operate, and integrate
`upwards' into Organ Systems – they integrate `upwards' into a larger System: a person,
or an Organism – they integrate `upwards' into a Family-unit (or not-! – sometimes you
ditch your family, and go find Friends who are like your family, so, families are sometimes
voluntary, rather than: biological) …Anyway then you have: Local Communities – Cities,
Towns, or Villages (depending on the scale/size) – States or `Provinces' (if you're ever in:
China) – a Country (Nation) – a Continent – a Planet – a Star-system – a Galaxy (The
Milky Way for example!) – a Galactic Cluster – Galactic Supercluster – Supercluster Complex
– these are all: fractal HOLON/partons – they're a WHOLE, and a PART, at the same time…!
And those are WHOLE/PARTS of a Universe, such as ours – and – if you take this to its logical
conclusion: …Why would The Three Laws of fractal HOLON/partons – and the Units – stop
at `our' Universe-? …There's probably a Multiverse: a whole LOT of universes – probably,
inside a Simulation.

And, if not now – then definitely, when we build The EthiSizer (to
show us how to live Ethically – and in peace and harmony, on Earth)… So anyway – you
have `Agency & Structure' all the way up, there… So, newly-emergent properties. Newly-emergent
`rules' and `laws' – and newly-emergent `possible moves' of the units (& scales), in each case.
All, the Systems…! …So – there's that! That `may' have far-reaching
Philosophical and Scientific `Implications', you can say…? 🙂 Maybe read those 5 chapters
(of mine) and decide for yourself.

So, yes – we can Zoom-In, a bit closer – and see those: Cells, Tissues, Organs… These
are (scale/size) LEVELS, of the fractal HOLON/parton… Each of these things are based on The Three
Laws, on that Scale-Level. And so – they all have different Agency… Levels, of: Agency
& Structure. So you can pick three things at random there – or you can pick ALL of them
– and go through, examining ,closely what are the Structures (Laws, or Rules) of this
entity – and, what are the `possible moves'…? Or – if it has Intentional Agency: …Choices,
or Decisions, that it could make – and of course `Actions have Consequences'-!
So we may be able to make Choices – but then we also probably have to deal with the Consequences!
But – some of us have to deal with the consequences of actions by others – and that's why: we
probably need The EthiSizer – to keep an eye on: those people who aren't terribly Ethical.

So that's why we should build The EthiSizer – to live in an Ethical World. There's a link
down below, if you want to read more… There's two articles online about that The EthiSizer.
It's initially a Game – then a mobile-phone smart-app – then, deployed worldwide… That
way, everyone can have: input. All 8 billion humanimals – or `humans' – in the world, can
have input into The EthiSizer. Get some great Ethical and Moral Philosophers, throwing in
a few good ideas – then you test them all, and "If it works – KEEP it!" …Which is,
the basic premise of Evolutionary Epistemology! …And "If it works better than the current
one you're using – use THAT! – and put the other one in storage – or, remember it for
later, in case you need it for: a different problem."

So now we can make The EthiSizer, because:
Ev Cult…! Because of The Three Laws of fractal HOLON/partons – and the Structure of Units
of Culture, and Biology, Physics, Chemistry – everything. We need to really get some better
System than flawed humanimals; (flawed `humans', sorry) to run the world, basically – and ensure,
we Minimize Suffering for all – including, plants and animals – a Whole Earth Ethic…! …Next… What's this… `What is Evolutionary Philosophy?'
– Oh yeah, about time we got around to this-! So, that was: `The new META-meta-Science of
Ev Cult' – and one of the proposals of which, is: The EthiSizer…

And by the way – we should
build thousands of EthiSizers – all the Game Companies in the world should build them…
I used to make Games for a living… we should build lots of them, then have an `EthiSizer
Olympics' – to find, The Most-Ethical EthiSizer – and then, we should turn the EthiSizer on
itself – to make sure that it's being Ethical! …Anyway, a bit of a `strange loop'-! …LOOK-OUT-!
[…battle sounds, from outside…] …There's a War On Science…!!! …What is Ev Phil? Good question!
…Next… Yes, some examples – I already went through
this, in the `Introduction' so I don't think I'll go too deep into it now…
…Next… It's – a Domain of Philosophy, informed by
Evolutionary Science – and this discovery – of Ev Cult – (those 4 things: units, levels,
evolutionary mechanisms, and, Three Laws of Culture) – i.e., The latest contributions
from Information and Communication Science – and Creativity Science – and Applied Evolutionary
Epistemology — all those different sub-domains – Systems Science – all those things that
make up, Ev Cult…

And, many scholars in Philosophy – as i say,
I've got a blog post on `Towards a Wikipedia page, on Ev Phil' – just because, it'll be
handy to have a great long list of – a Bibliography, really – so us Evolution fans (us: Scientists!)
can `dig deep', if and when we need to… And plus – all those people should be advising
on, The EthiSizer – or on LOTS of different EthiSizers – and then, see which one works
the best… and you run all these different EthiSizers to find out, which one is The Most
Ethical One. …So, I shouldn't be involved – because everyone will think I have an agenda…
I don't-! I think: "One world, One planet, One people,
please?" – and, less suffering! So there's: The Idea! …Go through a Process
– and make it a Product! …Or lots of them! And then use the best one, to run the world.
That's my suggestion…

I also like Isaac Asimov's story (from 1950) `The Evitable Conflict'…
But I digress. …Next… That's what `Ev Phil' is: informed by, Ev
Science – including Ev Cult, hopefully..? Popper said, this: "We're not students of
some subject matter – but students of problems – and problems may cut right across the border
of any subject matter or discipline" – So that's why Ev Cult's handy – because it uses
the same, universal, set of: Units, Levels, Evolutionary Mechanisms, and Three Laws, through
every Domain: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math, Science, the Arts, Social Science, Engineering,
Chemistry – whatever you have, whatever you want! It's all the one thing!
[…battle sounds, from outside…] …I am so sick of this War On Science-!!! …it's just: really frustrating…! The `War on Science' continues… But anyway – another great thing Popper said:
"Our main concern in philosophy and science should be the search for truth." …It's just
a good point, really? And that's where a lot of Continental Philosophy just `goes off the
rails' – because it's a lot of – it's "not even wrong!" …It's quite annoying.
Pierre Bourdieu is the only Continental Theorist I like, pretty much? Can't stand the `Post-Modernists'
– and Foucault (Michel Foucault that is – not the pendulum-guy – he was a Scientist; he's
good!) Yes so I'm pro-Science – and I do not like
Science-Denial – but that's just me…I'm a Scientist! Anyway…

Yes anyway – there's a blog post there, that
link – see also the YouTube Description down below…
…Next… We're still talking about Ev Phil – that's,
what THAT is. Here's another big quote – a couple of quotes
by Popper, from `Conjectures and Refutations' – you can freeze the PowerPoint – freeze the
YouTube video, and read that, if you like – but in a nutshell: "Genuine philosophical
problems are rooted in urgent problems outside philosophy – [not these `language games' of
Wittgenstein] – and, they die if these roots decay."
That's what's gone wrong with a lot of Philosophy – and if you want to understand a Philosopher
(such as Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, or anyone really – Ervin Laszlo -first look at what
their Problem was, and what they were reacting to… otherwise, you don't really have a good
context… So, what was: the Problem they're Solving? Or, which Philosopher did they read,
and, not like THEIR solution? – Whether it's Hume with the `Is/Ought' Problem, and Hume's
Guillotine (or whatever it may be…) …What Problem, were they reacting to – or trying
to solve? And were there any Empirical Scientific Questions we can `pull out' of what they said,
and then go test them, in the real world? …Next…
Oh yes – more on that post, there – and – here's another one – Popper talks about What Science

It's a Four-Step Method: 1. You have a problem
(or a difficulty, or a goal) – then you have 2. an Expectation, about (how to solve it
– known as a Theory or Hypothesis or a Wild Guess) – then you have to 3. Try it out! You've
got to `suck it and see…' Do an Experimental Test, via Trial and Error – and then – IF
needed – do Error Correction… So I actually think: All of Life is Doing
Science! Because it's pretty much that: nothing we ever do doesn't have, an Expectation – we
Expect `this' will happen if I do `that'. So – every time you Expect, anything – you
then have to Test, if that's how it's going to go! So, most of this slips below conscious
awareness. Anyway… …Next…
More on: that post…! So here's a saying I just made up, now: "Trust
the science not the scientist – trust the art not the artist – the writing, not the
writer – the game, not the game designer – and the philosophy, not the philosopher"
I'm not into `gurus' ! – i mean, there's a lot of Philosophy I like, but I don't agree
with everything that any one single philosopher said…

Probably? That's just me. As for Science,
well it keeps updating, automatically – because Scientists keep testing Science – and testing
Hypotheses… …Next… Yes, so – this
is just some of the `headings' from that Wikipedia article I've proposed – so someone should
throw it up, on Wikipedia – a page on `Ev Phil' – It'll help a lot of `Evolutionary
Philosophers', I think-? Those are just some of the `topic headings'
– I am busy doing my Science, and, finishing a million-word book, on Ev Cult – so, I don't
really have time, to get too stuck into `Philosophy' – but, I love hearing Ev Philosophy! – It
can shed new light on what I'm trying to do, in: Science…

…Evolutionary Science!
…Next… Again, there's a link…
So – there we have it: "What are the Implications, for: Ev Phil…?"
Yes – now that we've covered `What Ev Cult is' — and, `What Ev Phil is' — NOW – let's
look at some of the: Implications-! At least, some that I've come up with – I'm
sure you've got plenty more, or better ones – or both!
(…You should publish them; I don't need to hear/know them…)

So a recap: Ev Cult is, a new META-meta-Science,
ALL-Disciplinary matrix, a single, one-size-fits-all Set of Scientific: Units, Levels, Evolutionary
Algorithms (also known as Evolutionary Mechanisms – thanks again to, Applied Evolutionary Epistemology
– Nathalie Gontier, and many other great theorists in AppEEL – and scientists) …and: Three
Laws. So – those four things, is `Ev Cult in a nutshell'
– of all Culture and Biology – and Physics and Chemistry and everything – whatever. Systems,
and, Units of Culture are what we're talking about – fractal HOLON/partons – and the Three
Laws – and your Algorithms like BVSR, ST, SVT…

Over in Biology, it's generally looked
on as Selection, Variation, and Heredity – but that's
— as well as: 1. Variation, and then 2. Selection, and then 3. Heredity (or Transmission)
– but if you zoom-in a bit closer – and look at the fractals – there's a few other algorithms
going on, as well… So, you might Select a word – Vary it – and then, repeat (Transmit)
it to somebody else – but are you `repeating' it, if you've changed it? …This is the (scientific)
question! And is it better – or worse – than the original?
…Interesting questions! …Next…
And yes – as I say, Ev Cult means: we can now make The EthiSizer – because we now know,
what the Units, and Levels are – the Mechanisms – and the Three Laws… So, why not model
the Earth, and all the people, plants, and animals and everything in it – and all the
products: the cars, and the citie, and the birds, and whatever – and make sure we can:
Minimize Suffering? And we'll get to that…

So yes – The EthiSizer keeps in mind: Monitoring all those Levels, and Units – all the time,
seeing who's being Ethical, and who's NOT – and gives a `tap on the shoulder' to those
who aren't being Ethical, or are causing Suffering, or, problems for the whole world…
So, yes – we have "The All-Seeing Eye of: The EthiSizer"…
You can make it a Religion, if you want – and worship The EthiSizer, as an AI `god walking
the earth'…

You'd have 4 separate quantum computers, because:
if one breaks down, the other three can outvote it (etc)… If one makes a mistake – or, has
a bit `flipped' (by a neutrino or something) …Anyway, so yes – this is a `knowledge pyramid'
from Information Science – `Data' (down the bottom)… gets processed
into Information – processed more, into `Knowledge' – processed more, into `Understanding' – processed
more (hopefully) into `Wisdom' (choosing the right thing to do) – and, How to solve Global
Wicked Problems – such as: Inequality, Poverty, Pollution, Environmental Degradation, Destruction
of Ecosystems, Wars, and Suffering, Crimes etc…
Anyway, up top of that – you have The EthiSizer – who is good at doing all those things – and,
much quicker than a human, who can probably be bribed – or blackmailed…

So `Phase One' of The EthiSizer is a Game,
that everyone can play – and they can have a go at running the world – as one unit – one
COOPERATIVE unit – and you'll soon find out, just how bad a human is, at doing that – because
it's hard to monitor 8 billion people (or 7.6 billion people) at once – and make sure
they're all happy and not suffering – and not `doing wrong to each other, or to the

So, anyway – a fun game – and everyone should make this game – I'm giving the idea
away for free — I'd like to see lots of Game Dev Companies make this game – an EthiSizer
– like you know those `Global Government' games – or like The Sims (etc)… I've done
a Game Design for it – but, do your own by all means! And yes people should enjoy playing
`ruler of the Earth' – and they'll soon find out, they have an EthiSizer in the game, who's
a mentor – advising them: "Well, here's what you did wrong there – these people are still
suffering – and you need to try something else!" – Or you can just hand it over to the
computer to run – and you'll soon find out, an EthiSizer would do a much better job of
`running the world' than you would – as a flawed, slow-thinking humanimal – I mean `human-animal'
– I mean `human' (sorry!) …Next…
So `Phase One' – there's three phases – Phase One is the game – which is, you know – on
computers or web-browsers or mobile phones, whatever-you-like – any and every platform…
Play `The Game of The EthiSizer' – and, you can also give Feedback on it – so you say:
"Oh, the thing i didn't like about the game was, it was designed like this…" and, that
would feed into designing The (proper) EthiSizer – the `big one', that runs the world – so
you sort of `test it out' before you deploy it…

Anyway, then it can be a mobile phone
App – where, you could ask your phone anything – or when you go to the supermarket, and you're
about to buy something, it could tell you what the most Ethical brand of that product
was – and give you a an alarm / error-message saying: "Whoops – you're buying the least-ethical
breakfast cereal – you might want to try this other one, it's more ethical! And here's the
scientific reasons why!" – Or you could ask "Who should I marry?" – and it would know
who you're perfectly-matched with – because every person is apparently perfectly-matched
with about 170 other people in the world – so the EthiSizer could also be a Dating App – and
find those people for you, and make sure you don't have a troubled marriage, or whatever…
…Next… So `Phase One' is The Game – `Phase Two' is
the app, The EthiSizer app, in your smartphone, which keeps an eye on your ethics – it keeps
a score, and gives you some good advice on `How to do more ethical decisions in your
life' – in fact it saves you thinking and worrying about a lot of things, in the same
way that Recommender Algorithms on Netflix or Amazon or even Google do better than humans
can do…

As the great Evolutionary Historian and Evolutionary Futurist, Yuval Noah Harari
has pointed out in `Homo Deus' – great book – and `21 Lessons' – another great book – and
`Sapiens' another great book; Evolutionary History – basically. "you need to know yourself
better than the algorithms, but you probably can't" – so let's have an Ethical Algorithm
that's helping you make the right decisions… And of course you still have your free will!
You can do `the wrong thing' – but it will check your Ethical Score – so I think you
get `points' – a bit like China's `Social Credit System' (but it's run by flawed humans
– sorry about that!) But if you had a Super-Ethical Algorithm,- deciding what's best for you – as
a person, and you as a planet – as PART of a planet – I think we'd be better off, all
having that information, don't you? Anyway…

`Phase one' is The Game – `Phase Two' is the smartphone app – and `Phase Three' is: Worldwide
Deployment. Here's some parts of the whole – you've got
your mobile phone; you've got your google glasses, perhaps; you've got your body-camera
– so it's keeping an eye on what you're doing at all times – we sacrifice a bit of privacy
for an Ethical World – Try the game first – see if you like it – compare
it to your real life, and make your own decision! …You have a bio-bracelet (which monitors
things about you… I mean, if these companies, which – corporations are usually psychopaths,
unless they're `B-corporations' – but even then there's a few problems…. Basically
if this Information is going to be used by someone – it may as well be used by The EthiSizer
– and not corporations, which are psychopaths – and you also have cameras everywhere – including
cameras on little drones (`number five', there) –
…So "The EthiSizer Sees All – and Knows All" – and then, if somebody does something
unethical, one of those slaughterbots (down the bottom – a little machine-gun on a drone)
turns up, gives you three warnings…

So first, it turns up with no bullets in the gun, and
says "Next time, I'm coming back with bullets." …Second time, it has bullets in the gun
– and the third time? You sort of- well you don't want a third time really…You want
to have `two warnings', and then change your behavior – The EthiSizer will send you many
alarms – but if somebody is truly evil – like a Hitler – or fascists, like – some of whom
seem to have popped up as Presidents of certain countries lately… I think you would want
them to be eliminated, because they're kind of – well maybe not the people, but who knows?
That's up for – that's down to The EthiSizer – that's for The EthiSizer to decide, not
me… That's what I'm saying is: I don't want to make these decisions – I want a super-ethical
algorithm to use all the perfect information, and then explain why it's doing, what it's

So it's Self-Explaining-AI – look into Bostrom, and Tegmark, and The Future
of Life Institute… `Life 3.0' is a good book by Tegmark – anyway yeah – you want The
EthiSizer making these global decisions – because us humans aren't good at thinking – as Miller
pointed out in the 50s, you know, `The Magical Number Seven – plus or minus Two'…
Pinker notes rightly, we're good at thinking about three things at once, us humanimals
– humans, i mean – but computers can think about millions of things at once, and use
Maths to solve problems…

So yeah – turn all these things into empirical scientific
problems, and have a computer solve them… Probably a quantum computer. But anyway, there
you go – no more of this `corporate crime' and unethical behavior by companies, polluting
– and ripping people off – and ripping the world off, and destroying everything… Just
an idea? Just an idea. I don't have a dog in the race – I'll probably be dead soon.
anyway – but just putting a good idea out there, for the rest of the world to pick up
and run with – if they think it's a good idea? Also – you don't want this to fall into the
wrong hands, because if somebody evil… well, that's not good.
…Next… So `Some Philosophical Questions. solved by
The EthiSizer' – thanks to the META-meta-Science of Ev Cult – those: units, levels, mechanisms,
and Three Laws… Ii've been through all these in the `Introduction'
– so i won't go through them again… Good…
And a few more… again, I went through them in the Introduction – so there's that; you
can freeze the YouTube video if you want to think about that some more – and more on that
blog post there…

So some Scientific Solutions – by the way
– that `fall out of Ev Cult' – don't forget – (1) Units of culture, and (2) Systems, are
structured as fractal HOLON/partons – and obey The Three Laws of HOLON/partons, in both
Biology and Culture – so this helps with the `Philosophy of Mind, or Consciousness' – so
see fractal HOLON/partons – and the Three Laws… This helps Dan Dennett and David Chalmers,
and a lot of these `Philosophers of Mind' out… Once you understand `the building blocks'
you can see how self-coupled systems, and systems with homeostats, can become conscious
– and I'm not a `Panpsychist' – but this is what needs investigating, with these new Tools
of Ev Cult – it's wide open… And so, jump in with the Tools, and start solving problems,
I say… And we also want to know that we're not `creating hells and populating them' – because
I've made a lot of videogames with little AI's in them… I often wonder: "Are they
conscious-? …Are they suffering?" …Be good to get to the bottom of all that, so
that we're not causing: unnecessary suffering…

And – this also solves a lot of problems in
Philosophy of Language… For some reason, a lot of Linguists have missed The Three Laws
– and the Structure of Language (fractal HOLON/partons)… So: a letter – a word – sorry, a letter – a
morpheme. or a syllable – a word – a phrase – a clause – a sentence – a paragraph – a
discourse, (etc)… They missed it! Anyway – this solves a hell of a lot of problems,
and helps out Chomsky and Pinker with a lot of Language questions -that whole `Universal
Grammar' problem… Units of Culture – whether it's Language or Music or Science or Technology,
you know… (well – ALL `units of culture' are tools, for solving problems – so all units
of culture are, strictly speaking, `technology' – whether it's a word – or a language – or
a song – or a spatula – or a microscope – or a telescope…

They're all tools – or a car
– or a computer – they're all: Tools, for solving problems (for achieving goals) – so
they're all `technology', anyway… See my encyclopedia article, in `Encyclopedia of
Creativity' (2020) for more on that… Anyway, this solves a lot of problems – answers
a lot of scientific questions – so, have at it! …Next… Compare the Three Laws of fractal HOLON/partons
with Newton's Laws as well – it's just an interesting exercise. …Next… More, on that post there – down the bottom,
(linked in the Description, probably) …As two of my heroes once said… That-!
…Who were they? …Gandhi, and Lynn Margulis! I love her `endosymbiosis'
theory – "combine two old things to get a new thing, and it works better than the competition…"
So – if you have two prokaryotes (single-celled organisms, or, systems) and you combine them
– you get: a cell with a nucleus (a eukaryote)! …This is a major transition in evolution
– and all the major transitions turn out to be explained by this kind of thing…

HOLON/partons, combining… `Combine two or more old things to get a new
thing – and it works better than the competition, or the available alternatives in the environment'
So yeah – creativity works the same way in Biology and Culture – combining things to
get a resulting unit, that functions better than the competing alternatives. Anyway I've written on that too – in my article
on `The Robo-Raconteur', and other places… …Next…
Or for more, se `Heroism Science' – there's a blog post on that there, started up a few
years ago just using Joe Campbell's work `the monomyth' or "hero's journey", using that
to applications of leadership – after all, scientists and firefighters and first responders
– nurses, etc – they're the real heroes, helping other people…

Prosocial! Trying to make
the world a better place… Trying to leave the world a better place than they found it,
etc… Heroism Science – well worth a look. I still say that `all life is doing science'
– because we all do the scientific method every day – just not necessarily wearing a
white lab coat… We all have `Problems' (or Goals) – and then we have Expectations how
to fix this particular problem – then we have to test it…Sometimes it works – sometimes
you've got to do Error Correction (and clean up your mess!) …Anyway – moving along… By the way – it's no fun being a hero – I
would not advise it – and I'm not saying I am one – but extremely creative people – like
Einstein, Newton, Darwin are heroes, because they solve a problem – and they bring that
(solution) back to the community…

Which is basically the 12 – or 18 – or 33 `steps'
of the Hero's Journey or, The Four-Step Method of Science – as per, Popper (1999) …Next… Anyway, there's my 5 scientific book-chapters
on Ev Cult, from 2016 – (the Appendix in my PhD) – through two Encyclopedia articles to
2020 – and now I've got this million-word book on the way… (a couple of years away,
yet) – I've been writing it since 2016 – but in fact, I've been writing it for 30 years
– long story – I highly recommend, those 5 chapters… If you know me, you can write
to me and perhaps I could share some, or all of them, with you (academically)…

More information on the Ev Cult blog – and
on the Ev Cult blog there's this series of seven – or eight – articles, which is an Introduction…
Might be worth reading some time. …Next… And since the narreme – or unit of story – unit
of narrative – is also structured as a fractal HOLON/parton – as are all units of culture
– you can analyze movie scripts for their units of story – and you can analyze movies
for their units of story, on different scale levels – whether it's the whole movie, or
acts, or sequences of scenes, or scenes, or shots, or moments, or still images, or pixels…
what have you. And the different Communication Channels that
are within a film – whether it's image, sound, music language, etc…
…Next… And if you like, you can read my PhD for free
– it's online at that link – 350 pages of Ev Cult study of 40 movies – and includes
The StoryAlity Theory… …Next…
So, that is: `Ev Cult's Implications for Ev Phil', in a nutshell… Enjoy!
And – what ARE the implications…? I don't know, you tell me? This is a `call to action
– or adventure'…

I'm sure you've got more and better ideas? So please jump in!
Oh so who was that guy, `Velikovsky of Newcastle'…? All that stuff – but basically just: Evolutionary
Culturologist. A recap – do a test: Do you now see how Ev
Cult achieves or solves, for example: Consilience: The unity of all knowledge… (that's a Yes
or No question – if not maybe watch this again – or read those five chapters of mine – and
the blog to see how it defines – actually identifies: units of culture. And, culture
is information – because there's: information, energy, and matter – three different substrates…
So that's a Yes or No, too. Do you see how it shows the Structure of all
Culture? And how it enables building The EthiSizer,
for an ethical world – and which I think Philosophers should all have input into… So play the
game – or write articles on `What the EthiSizer should do, and how it should do it' – because
this is – these are all problems – sub-problems – that need to be solved in the most ethical
way… And then of course, you build a bunch of EthiSizers,
and test them against each other – and see which worlds are the happiest, and have the
least suffering, and most well-being – you know, turn these things into Mathematical
Questions, you know – Sam Harris, `The Moral Landscape' etc…

Ethical Altruism (Peter
Singer, Mike Bradie, you know – et cetera et cetera…
Do you also see how Ev Cult is a META-meta-Science? So there's Individual Sciences: Physics – Chemistry
– Biology (etc) – then there's meta-sciences like System Science or Creativity Science
– because it examines all those things – and then, one level above is, Ev Cult – because
it simplifies (1) systems, and (2) units of culture, to fractal HOLON/partons, and The
Three Laws. And then looks at the Evolutionary Algorithms that are operating on them – due
to people and their intentional agency (or, robots) doing things with them – or, just
`the natural environment' in a state of nature… So you have your four different kinds of selection:
(1) Natural Selection (where the Environment does the deciding, who lives and dies, and,
gets to breed) – and then you have your (2) Artificial or Methodical – (3) your Sexual
Selection – and your (4) Unconscious Selection…

Anyway let's not go too deep right now…
Do you see how it solves: 50 hard scientific problems of culture?
Anyway there's that blog post, that lists those quotes – 50 quotes – people trying to
just basically ask "What is culture, and how does it work?" …I think this solves all
that. Or at least it's a new platform – a higher platform, to work from, than we've
had before…

And – Do you see how it integrates Values
into Science…? So, we should live in a more Moral and Ethical world – and The EthiSizer
is one way to do that… Otherwise, we're just leaving it up to people… Which is you
know – you've got to start somewhere – people can try hard – but you sort of need a `top-down',
bigger organizing procedure – or algorithm – or method and – computers are good at doing
things that humans aren't, so why not give them a crack? Try it first as a Sim.

Do it
as a Game – or lots of games – then see how people like it, as a smartphone app – and
then, Phase Three, once it's all working perfectly, and ethically… deploy it worldwide!
And we wouldn't have to spend any more money on military or defense – because there'd be
no more nuclear threats; The EthiSizer wouldn't allow that!
And we don't need to `go to war on each other', any more.

Just one big ethical happy world…It's
a beautiful idea…! Utopia. i don't think it'll happen in my lifetime, but I think my
lifetime's going to end sometime pretty soon, anyway…
But this is my gift to whoever is watching this, out there…
And also – Do you see how Ev Cult applies to all other Sciences? Physics, Chemistry,
Biology, bla-bla-bla… Anyway – that's just a quick Test – to see
if you have grokked Ev Cult. If not, maybe read those 5 chapters, and the
blog post…

And, this book – whenever it happens… Do you also see how: It makes even the Arts
& Humanities a Science? Because paintings – films – songs – poems – everything – sculptures
– you know: ideas, processes, and products – they're all: units of culture – and, they're
all fractal HOLON/partons, governed by The Three Laws.
So yes – hope that helps? And I hope you find it: Interesting – and
useful – and thought provoking… …Next…
More on the Ev Cult blog – which is not `Ev Cult for Dummies' – it's `Ev Cult for Smart
People With No Time'…! More, on my Transmedia Writing blog…
Oh – there's a blog post about `Philosopher AI' – which of course, would feed into ideas
in The EthiSizer… …Next…
If you want, you could even look at my PHlash PHilosoPHiction weblog, where I write `philosophy-informed,

But a warning – there's some crazy ideas in there – that even i don't
agree with. Even though i wrote them. But you have to `get the ideas out' and then see
if you like them – and so yeah, I don't necessarily approve of everything that's on my `PH3' blog
– but it was interesting to think it and say it – and then see what other people think
and say too… Because usually I don't totally agree…
…Next… There's those 5 chapters – just read those
3, if you can only read 3 chapters: The 2 Encyclopedia articles – and `the original
and best' (2016).

Thank you for watching – and hearing – and
reading – via three Communication Channels (if you had the subtitles on)
`Ev Cult's Implications for Ev Phil' ! It's been a pleasure – it's been wonderful
– let's do this again – then again, I've been talking about this for seven years and it's
not quite as interesting as it once was, but I'd love to see somebody take a crack at some
of these issues… That's what happens – probably – when you
combine Ev Cult with Ev Phil – and see what the Implications are! By the way don't forget to Google: `interrobang'… …The universal algorithm for creativity
– "Combine two old things – to get a new thing, and it works better than the available alternatives!"
So, a creative artifact is: new, useful, and surprising…!
…Enjoy: Doing, Creativity…! …Thank you so much…


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