Chasing Coral | FULL FEATURE | Netflix

I have always been drawn to the magic of the ocean. You feel that time is slowing down. Most people stare into space in amazement. But we have an almost alien world on our planet teeming with life. But it's a world that most people never explore. NETFLIX ORIGINAL DOCUMENTARIES Richard Vevers documents ocean reefs the same way Google plans streets. Captures a 360-degree photo every 3 seconds. This is the 21 country that we're doing as part of a global survey of coral reefs. Under the surface of the world's oceans hide amazing gardens of coral. Reefs are where
many of the marine fruits we eat begin life. Reefs are a source of food and income
for more than 500 million people. It is as much about trying to express science as doing science. Accompany people on a trip. That amazing journey under the sea that included the strangest views many of us have seen
under the surface of the water. Giving anyone with the internet the
chance to take a virtual dive.

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