AQA Biology Paper 2 – 2018 Predictions

– Hey, guys here are
your, or my, predictions rather for AQA second biology paper. So, I've told you this before. I've told you this loads
and loads of times. I am not an examiner. I do not know what is
going to be in the exams. I'm just a teacher that's
done a lot of thinking and a lot of research, so
please, it is vitally important you revise absolutely everything. Go and look at the
predictive papers that I've written for you, go and
look at the whole topic videos that I've done for you, use the checklist in
the free revision guide. Make sure you've covered
absolutely everything. Now we now the biology
paper is gonna be 10% maths and we can expect this to be
slightly weird and wonderful 'cause any part of the
maths specification can be applied to any part of
the science specification but don't let that throw you.

Just think of it as
maths that happens to be in a biology paper, because
unlike chemistry and physics, where it's a little bit more obvious, we can expect it to be
unexpected in the biology paper, so don't let that throw you, don't let that freak you out too much. We know there's gonna be a
lot of practical in this, so 15% practical, so we've got things like your quadrats and your transects.

These are really, really common questions for you to go over. And then we can tie in
the maths with this, so working out estimations of populations, there's gonna be, could be graphs in there for you to interpret. With the graphs it is perfectly okay to take your highlighter
and start highlighting different parts of the line so that you can interpret them better. It's really important
when we're talking about graph reinterpretation to
use numbers and examples from the graph, so if the
graph goes up say it goes up. If it goes up and then goes straight, say it goes up to this point and then from here onwards it goes straight. Talk about the graph,
talk about all different parts of the graph and
what happens using numbers. Biology exams love to throw
graph interpretation in there. There's quite a lot of new
stuff that's in this paper from the specification, or
stuff that used to be in there that's got a lot, lot bigger. So IVF, DNA, genetics is a
lot bigger than it used to be.

DNA structure is in there
now and that's come down from separate science
into combined science, so that could be quite a
big thing they test you on. Evolutionary trees is new,
stuff like food security, the human social impact
of our actions and actions of other people around the world. This is much bigger than it used to be. There is a lot more about ecosystems, things like peat bogs could be added in and how much impact humans
have upon ecosystems, upon different things in the ecosystems, how this has, like, a follow on impact. So not just what we do but also the impact that the ecosystems have on us. And then there are a few
things that constantly come up, so like every other year
or two years out of three. Things like homeostasis and hormones, they love asking questions about these. Cell division comes up
pretty much every single time and two out of three years you
need to draw a genetic cross. Now I've done a few videos
showing you how to do this perfectly so you hit every single point, or as perfectly as I can
mind read the examiners, so you can hit every single
point on the mark scheme, because there is a
particular way that this needs to be laid out so
you can get all the marks.

And then evolution and natural selection are much bigger than they used to be, but still is the sort of thing
that comes up all the time. So combined science guys,
this is where my predictions end for you, all of this is in the predictive paper which
is over on my website and go through the whole topic video, make sure there's nothing
that you've missed out, that you've covered absolutely everything. Good luck, guys, I'm here with you absolutely every single step of the way. Now, separate science
people, there is a lot of stuff that is separate science
only in this specification and the eye could be a big thing because it's moved around a lot. It used to be in biology,
like 10 years ago, then it moved over to physics and all the physics teachers went, "Eeew." I hate doing eye dissections so much, it's when you pop, ugh,
it's awful, I hate it.

But now it's back in biology again and when it used to be in
physics every other year it used to be label a diagram of the eye. So it is worth learning how
to label a diagram of the eye. As well as the eye, the brain is something that is new as well. And there's a lot more about
kidneys and plant hormones. It kind of ties in, but
then if we think back to paper one where there was
specific about plant diseases, plants are really growing
as an emphasis for the exam. And then we have a few little
bits tied on at the end about decay and decomposition
and these are new, so they might be something that they like asking questions on, so good luck guys, don't forget I'm here
with you the whole way. Ouch. Love you too, Prim. ("Something Elated" by Broke For Free).

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