A Glimpse Into the Biology GIR

so taking biology is so important right now we have all these problems facing the world and we need biology to solve them we're talking about what happens to our planet what happens to people what happens to living things as the temperature changed biology every week it's getting invented we get to talk about current events in your body bacteria outnumber your own sales ten to one who is in control I learned a lot about sort of where the field is at and what are some of the current problems and one of them I've gotten really interested in since then is antibiotic resistance and antimicrobial resistance in general some of the factors leading to this are really kind of a lack of creativity on people's parts in terms of thinking about targets for their antibiotics we talked about CRISPR which I had not heard of before coming to MIT not very long ago a scientist announced that he had edited two babies and we talked about the entire controversy should he have done it should it ever be done it pushed us it's like I hadn't seen before to be critical of science I suppose just reading like the news article or there's paper in okay that makes sense how is resistance actually occurring what is happening at the molecular level that is leading to these problems I do feel that one of the really important reasons why everyone should take biology is because there is a way of thinking in biology there's a way of looking at evidence there's a way of trying to piece together what what can we say for sure is this just some Associated effects or is one thing causing something else it's very based in problem-solving and critical thinking and you learn to really think through the problems and it's very rarely centered around memorization my class was very question driven it put me at ease more because I was like okay I don't need to remember that information for like three years ago that's not really relevant now I just need to understand how to like actually figure out these problems as I'm presented with them in like a timely manner it was different cause I had to push the most in they would give you a problem and then from that problem you should start like we've been reading different like parts of the lecture that kind of fits into solving another and I think the challenge was probably really healthy at least early in my MIT journey everything is taught kind of along the cutting edge of the field here and you get to hear from professors who are doing research who get Nobel Prizes and other metals in science and I think the curriculum really reflects that the same tools that work for any living thing on the planet and they're very powerful and very gentle you may not go into biology as a career but the odds are very good that whatever you do in the next 50 years biology will be an important part of it this summer I was working in business but I actually managed to use some of my cell biology knowledge talking to my client who was a pharmaceutical company so that was really neat and it gave me a lot of credibility for understanding what they did say you're gonna do computer science most interesting computer science problems in the world are coming out of Life Sciences today that's one thing to figure out how to optimize getting people to flick on links on website reverse engineering the circuitry of life that's a great machine learning problem I think the best and most interesting computer science problem versus AI problems machine learning problems they're gonna come out of Life Sciences I think if you're not in a bio related field it could still be useful in ffensive LY just thinking critically about things that you don't know much about oh my gosh it's super useful there's anything I learned by I describe consulting as like you know being a doctor but with businesses I think part of coming to college is getting an education and how to think and how to think about things that aren't just what you want to be thinking about all the time so even if you're not coming in thinking about biology it's really important to kind of dip your toes in and see what it's like to think like a scientist and sort of like try on that hat and that that will be useful to you no matter what you then end up doing [Music]

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