2021 International Biology Olympiad Team Announcement

– I've been passionate about
biology since a young age. I think it's unique
because of the complexity of living things and how
they interact with each other and the environment. – I love microbiology. I love how so many things are going on inside of us all the time and sometimes it feels
like a little alien world and I just find it all so interesting. – I came into the camps with the mindset that it will be an extremely
competitive environment but actually that wasn't true at all. All the people I met
were kind, compassionate, cooperative and we all learned together. So if I was to go back in time, I would tell past me to
look forward to the camp. – My favourite areas of biology are microbiology and bioinformatics.

I'm hoping to combine my two
interests in a future career. – One thing not many people know about me is that I once tried
to make cheese at home using microbial rennet but
you can see how it looks and I'm not convinced that it was edible. – After completing both the
January and April camps, I can safely say that what
I'm most proud of is simply participating. It might sound a bit sappy but honestly, meeting so
many incredible people and learning so many interesting things is what really made the
experience worth it. – I would tell my younger
self to just keep on doing all the practice papers
and keep reading about all of the interesting things that you find and above all just to
keep asking questions and I would just give myself
a little pat on the back and say, "You're doing great." – First things first, I have
to thank Ms. (indistinct) for opening my eyes to
this incredible opportunity and my parents for supporting
me during the journey. – If I could give my
younger self some advice, it's not to get overly
attached to results.

Ultimately, it's the process
of learning and understanding as well as meeting so
many like-minded people, who share your passions. That is the most valuable and
enjoyable part of science, not the outcome..

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